How do you find buyers for a commercial property?

How do you find buyers for a commercial property?

Selling a commercial property can be time-consuming as investments in them are big-ticket propositions requiring long-term commitments from buyers or investors. It is a fact that the number of available buyers is always higher for residential properties than commercial units. However, let this not be a deterrent towards successfully selling commercial property. Here are some tips that may help you in finding an ideal buy for your asset:

1. List the property

The first and most essential step is to list the commercial property on online portals such as Getezo. Online portals are the best if you are looking for a retail buyer. Make sure you take high-quality photographs and upload them with your listing while verifying your location and all other details. Be transparent with your information and let the property platform do the rest about showcasing your listing to a broader audience.

2. Hire a broker

You can also keep a few brokerages and platforms in the loop regarding your commercial property. Most brokerages will have a database of potential clients who keep buying and selling commercial real estate. They will also possess vast local insights and knowledge regarding the market and will be able to help you suitably position your property. They also have local networks that may come in handy for spreading the word about your commercial property.

3. Ask banks and financial institutions.

If your commercial property is ideal for banking and financial services firms, you can also try reaching out to them. Contact corporate offices and headquarters of banks or NBFCs through your network. Usually, such firms prefer to lease commercial property regarding customer-facing offices. If you are okay with a long-term lease instead of selling, banks are the most preferred tenants since they are non-fussy regarding deposits and rentals, another USP for commercial space owners.

4. Contact companies and brands

If selling office space, you can consider listing potential brands and companies that may turn into buyers. After making a list and gathering contact details and E-mail addresses, you can try sending a property brochure to all these companies. You can also contact a few on call, especially if you hear they are looking for office space in a specific locality. You can keep pitching the property to officials at major companies, retail chains, and the like. These entities often keep a lookout for quality commercial space.

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