How To Become A Better And Fitter Cyclist?

How To Become A Better And Fitter Cyclist?

Becoming a better and fitter cyclist doesn’t have to be an experiment in self-torture. Riding a bike is fun in its own way, ask a bicyclist! You will get your answer. If you are a beginner to riding a bicycle, just set some goals and plan your riding to see the improvements. We don’t want to make a new you. But, we want to make a better you! All we want is for you to get as much enjoyment out of your cycling as possible, and most importantly, improve.

If you are a bike enthusiast and want to become a better & fitter cyclist, you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll be discussing how you can become a fitter cyclist. So, what is there to wait for?

Tips To Become A Fitter Cyclist

1. Riding in Comfort

If you are new to riding a bicycle, know that biking shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Although, we know that bike riders often suffer aches and pains. However, know that these things can be avoided. Having a professional bike fit is a good starting point as mechanically your bike needs to fit you. Conditioning your body to hold your cycling posture has to take place off the bike.

Having a good routine of stretching and strengthening exercises to do after and between your rides will help prevent many of the niggles and aches that come from bending over the bars for significant periods of time.

2. Average Speed

You can easily go a mile an hour faster even if you are not that fit. It all comes down to the technique. Being a good rider and having to know how to carry your speed will make you faster and conserve your energy. Cornering is an obvious situation when you can lose a lot of speed. Remember it is not how fast you enter the corner that counts but how much speed you carry through it. If you go in too hot and have to slam the brakes on that will slow you down significantly.

3. Getting more into Cycling in a Week

It’s challenging to find time to ride your bicycle. But if you really want to become a fitter rider, you got to do it. Here, two things help: being creative and being organized. These two qualities will allow you to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

You can achieve more cycling by riding to work. Even if you can’t cycle the full distance, just riding to the station will give you more time on your bike.

How Can We Help?

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