How To Buy A Geyser During This Winter Season?

How To Buy A Geyser During This Winter Season?

A water heater or geyser is a regular household necessity in today’s time. Be it for washing clothes or for bathing, it has to be a good quality geyser that lasts for years yet doesn’t have an exorbitant price tag. Thus, to buy a geyser that meets all these demands is surely a long day’s work.

This could be daunting. You might have questions on where to begin and how to buy a geyser? I mean what to look for when buying a water heater? But worry not! We have got you covered as always. Here we present to you all things you need to consider in order to buy a geyser.

How To Buy A Geyser?

Heating Technology

The process through which the water is heated impacts the operational costs of the geyser plus its maintenance. Most geysers have electric heating elements that heat up due to electricity passed through them. Apart from electric geysers, there are also gas-based water heaters that instantly raise the temperature of the water using a gas such as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and propane.

Storage Capacity

Some geysers have the facility of heating water and storing it whereas others work instantly using 3-5 Litre tanks. These small water heaters are energy efficient and prevent wastage of water. On the other hand, storage water heaters can store 10-15 litres on average while some can even store up to 30 litres. If you have a bathtub, you would require a storage geyser. Storage capacities of 10-15 litres are well suited for a family of 3-4 members, while heaters with 3-4 litre capacities are best for singles or a couple.

Power Consumption 

Electric geysers generally work at 1500 to 2000 Watts A/C power. Some manufacturers have improved their heating rates by increasing the wattage to 2500 Watts or 3000 Watts at which the geyser works. These draw immense amounts of electricity over short periods of time.


Make sure that your geyser has a thermostat that lets you control the degree to which you want your water to be heated. This feature is a must for storage heaters in which a cut-off mode is present to indicate that the full tank has hot water. Some geysers have the functionality of choosing the power of the heating element in order to indicate the time required for heating the full tank volume.

How Can We Help?

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