How to Buy a Laser Printer?

How to Buy a Laser Printer?

Buying a laser printer for your unique printing needs requires that you take into account several factors. Some important considerations are monochrome versus color, toner replacement cost, printable paper size, resolution, speed, memory, and network capabilities. Finding the right printer can take a lot of work. It is quite difficult to choose a better option, but we will discuss a few parameters that will help you choose.

Maintenance Costs-

As we all know that after we run out of toner ink, we have to refill it. So, you should check the cost of toner refilling, and if you have a color laser printer you need to check the cost of each color.
Check Toner Yield- How many pages of toner page you can print.
Check the full cost of the printer to decide which one you’re going to buy.

Monochrome or Color-

If you’re only printing things like invoices or monochrome documents, all you need is a monochrome laser printer.

If you will also need to print color documents regularly, choose a color printer.

Types of Function-

If you need to scan documents, make copies, or send and receive faxes, you’ll need a multi-functional laser printer that can perform all of these tasks.


Look for wireless connectivity if you would like to set up the printer on your wireless network.
Furthermore, look for wi-fi direct capability if you would like to give mobile devices a way to communicate with the printer directly via an app.

Ease of Use-

A touchscreen can make it easier to navigate a printer’s menu system, especially if it has built-in access to apps that require the user to punch in their login details.

Duty Cycle-

The duty cycle is the number of prints that the printer is rated as being able to print every month.
This rating can be anything from 1000-to 5000 pages.

Overall size and ease of installation-

A typical printer for an office can be heavy and difficult to move around without the help of another person. Consider the size of the printer in your purchase and where you will be installing it in your environment. You may want to look for a more compact printer that is better suited for your office space while providing similar functionality. Also, you may want to assess how easy its toner cartridge is to install and load its paper, as this can help reduce maintenance time.

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