How to Buy a Used Mountain Bike?

How to Buy a Used Mountain Bike?

Riding on a bike is always fun. But buying a new bike which is very costly. you should go for a used mountain bike. A second-hand bike is far better than buying a new one. Are you thinking to buy also thinking of buying a used one???

Here, are some tips and step-by-step guidance to buy a used mountain bike

Decide what type of bike you want to buy-

Mountain bikes are basically of four types- Cross Country (XC), Trail Mountain Bikes, All Mountain or Enduro Mountain Bikes, Downhill & Freeride Mountain Bikes

Cross Country (XC)-

Cross country mountain bikes are built for riders who want pedaling performance as their top priority. These are uphill crushing, lung-busting machines bred for endurance and efficiency. The geometry of cross country bikes is the most similar to road bikes.

Trail Mountain Bikes-

This category is what most people relate to when they think of “mountain bike.” Trail bikes are the Swiss army knives of mountain biking and are both great climbers and capable descenders. Trail bikes add more suspension, more gravity-oriented components, and more relaxed geometry than their XC brethren to make them more capable on all kinds of terrain.

All Mountain or Enduro Mountain Bikes-

An all-mountain or enduro mountain bike is the perfect rig if you’re willing to earn your ride by pedaling up. Enduro bikes are racing bikes for the mountains. It pushes the limits of mountain biking.

Downhill & Freeride Mountain Bikes-

Downhill or free riding bikes are Mountain bikes especially related to downhill biking, freestyle motocross. With these bikes, you’re usually looking for some other way to the top of the trail whether that’s a hiking, shuttling, or a chairlift.

Find the used bike shop-

Many bike shops are starting to offer consignment programs. They buy and sell used bikes, or they offer money to buy from their shop. The downside is that they’re looking to make money also, and you won’t get the best deal by buying or selling to them.

Websites like Pink bike and Craigslist are where people usually buy and sell used bikes. Facebook Marketplace is another option that is growing in popularity.

Using PayPal is the best way to go if you must buy without seeing it first since they offer buyer/seller protection to ensure that both parties get what they want. Craigslist is also a good option if you want to buy locally and put eyes on the bike before you hand over cash

Meet them personally-

Do everything possible to meet the seller in person before agreeing to hand over any money. Run your hands down all of the frame tubes to feel for dents or cracks. You can also consider meeting the seller at a local bike shop to have a professional run a proper inspection

Make sure it isn’t stolen-

Ask to look at the serial number and plug it in. Trust your gut here. If the seller doesn’t know much about the bike, doesn’t know much about mountain biking or the local trails, and the deal seems too good to be true, then reconsider purchasing from this seller

What needs to be serviced-

Depending on how old the bike is, it may need some love. Are the pivot bearings on the frame in good shape? Take off the rear shock and move the suspension linkage through its travel, and listen for grinding in the bearings. Are the wheels true, and the spokes tight? Is it shifting correctly?

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