How to Buy a Washing Machine?

How to Buy a Washing Machine?

Are you thinking of buying a washing machine?  It’s important to know your needs and what kind of machines are out there. So before you go out bring home a washer. Here are 10 things you should know about the machine you’re buying.

Washing machines have become an inevitable part of our household appliances and selecting the right one for yourself can be a task.

1) Types of Washing Machine

There are two types of washing machines available today: fully automatic and semi-automatic. The most basic type of washing machine is a semi-automatic machine. This machine is with two tubes one is for drying and the other one is for washing the clothes.

The second type of washing machine Automatic Washing Machine.

Features of these both types of machines-

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • You can pause the machine to scrub off extra dirt from your clothes.
  • Semi-automatic washing machines consume lesser power.
  • They are easy to repair.
  • They are cheaper and consume more water as semi-automatic washing machines don’t regulate the water as per clothes load. Water load is left to the user’s discretion.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

  • Fully automatic washing machines occupy less space.
  • They offer flexible wash cycles like washing, rinsing, and drying with custom modes designed to wash different types of fabric.
  •  You can avoid the noise by programming the machine to commence the wash cycle when you’re not at home.
  •  They are highly durable.
  •  They consume less water.

Top Load or Front Load

There are two main styles available for washing machines-top load and front load. The simplest way to differentiate between these two styles is the placement of the door. As the names suggest, the top load requires the clothes to be loaded from the top while the front load has the door in front or on one side of the machine.

  • Energy Consumption- Front Load Washing Machines consume a little less energy than front-load models. This is because front load units can wash more clothes in one cycle.
  • Water Consumption– Front Loaders consume the least amount of water. Hence, it is advisable to go for front-load washing machines. Fully-automatic top-loading machines require a larger quantity of water.
  • Space-This completely depends on the space you have designated for your washing machine. If you want to fit it under a cabinet or a kitchen platform, you should go for the front-loading unit as it occupies less space. Top loading machines require more space.
  • Capacity- These two styles of washing machines are available in various capacities. Your choice should depend on the number of clothes you wish to wash in your machine.
  • Cost-Front Load Washing Machines require heavy expenditure. Top-loading machines are cheaper for any given capacity.

Select the right size and capacity

Before you set out to buy a washing machine, check the size and capacity of the washer tub. It is important to understand the maximum weight of clothes your machine can support per cycle. This usually ranges from 5-10kg per cycle.
The easiest way to figure out if you need a machine with a larger capacity? Ask yourself what type of clothes you intend on washing in the machine. If you’re looking to wash bed covers, comforters, and other upholstery of the house, it is prudent to go for a machine with a large capacity.

Wash Programs

What if your washing machine washes silk with the harshness it uses for jeans or other denim wear?
Fret not as wash programs are meant to help you with just that! Wash programs save you from random guesswork by suggesting a suitable wash program for different types of clothes and fabrics.
Needless to say, delicate fabrics like silk need to be washed with utmost care to avoid harsh wear and tear. Similarly, soiled clothes require extra rinsing so that the stubborn stains can come off easily.

Material of the washing tub

Another important thing to note before buying a washing machine is the material of the washing tub. Typically, the tub is made of stainless steel, toughened plastic, or porcelain enamel. Considering that enamel rusts and chips, plastic is a better option. However, if you want to pick the best, stainless steel is undoubtedly the best material for tubs.
It offers more durability and lasts as long as the machine itself. Needless to say, they are stronger than plastic tubs and can tolerate high spin speeds as well. Also, stainless steel drums are more energy efficient.

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