How To Buy The Best Smartphone For You?

How To Buy The Best Smartphone For You?

Smartphones have snaked their way into almost every living moment of our technologically-fueled lives. More people are buying smartphones, and the number of options is also increasing. Choosing a smartphone from such an overwhelming list of options might get confusing. So, here we present to you some tips using which you can buy the best smartphone for you.

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Tips To Buy The Best Smartphone


Your smartphone processor, also known as the chipset or the SoC, is the component that is responsible for just about everything functioning on your smartphone. A capable processor not only allows your device to function seamlessly but is also capable of enhancing other factors.

Samsung phones, as an example, comes in two variants – one hosting the Snapdragon chipset. In contrast, the other employs Samsung’s in-house Exynos processor. The Snapdragon being much snappier, but also the image-processing abilities.


Coming to RAM, this refers to system memory that smartphones use to hold data that active applications are using. A portion of your smart- phone’s RAM is always used up by the operating system, to keep it running. Having sufficient RAM can allow you to have a larger number of apps running in the background, which significantly affects your multitasking experience.

If you’re a light smartphone user, someone who only uses their phone for calls, texts, WhatsApp, and light browsing, you can easily get away with 3-4 GB RAM. For power users, something around the ballpark of 6-8 GB is perfectly fine.

Operating System

It boils down to two options – Android or iOS. The choice is actually more complicated actually.

If you’re someone who enjoys tinkering around with your device and customizing it to your heart’s content, you’re Team Android.

In contrast, if you like a simple, powerful OS that gets constant software updates and is supported for a more extended period, you’re Team iOS.

Storage Capacity

Adequate storage is essential. We recommend that you do not go under 128GB since it will give you enough breathing room to keep your data as well as download apps to your heart’s content. Also, keep an eye out for phones with expandable memory storage.

Battery Life

Flagship phones, as well as some mid-range phones, can also reach 8-10 hours of screen on time, which is brilliant. The goal is to get a phone that can at least pull through one whole day of intensive usage. So, ensure to check battery tests online before purchasing a device. Also, try and research if the phone you’re planning on buying has a decent power-saving mode.


Nowadays multi-cameras are the norm and phones with just one rear camera are extremely rare now. You usually get a primary lens which sports the highest MP count, a portrait lens, and a wide-angle shooter.

Don’t go MP hunting, higher megapixel-count doesn’t always mean better images since the sensor size is much more integral to producing good photos.

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