How to Choose a Best Mini Portable Projector

How to Choose a Best Mini Portable Projector

The humble projector has come a long way over the past decade gone are the days when projectors were big clunky devices that weighed a ton and occupied an entire shelf when not in use these days a new breed of smaller portable and super high-quality projectors are available in the market. Mini Projectors has covered the market with its affordable prices and its comforts. You can carry them very easily wherever you want or with your friends. For all of these benefits, you need to follow a full guide to choose a good mini portable projector. In this blog, we are sharing the top tips to follow for buying a Portable Projector.

5 Best Tips to Choose a Mini Portable Projector:

1. DLP vs. Single-Panel LCD Mini Portable Projectors

In the market, you will find 99% of projectors with DLP and Single-Panel LCD. Single panel LCDs are the cheapest of all of them. LCDs are usually initiated for smartphones that have a bright light result and leave images on your screen.

While DLPs are mainly used for heavy [projectors in the decades including those movie theaters. It works on microscopic images and reflects on your screen with high power.

If you are going to buy a mini portable projector you should go for an LCD projector.

2. The Top 3 Features You Will Probably Need

Before choosing any projector you have to consider some of the points like,

  • Brightness
  • Image Quality
  • Portability

All these features you will find in the best projector. Try to choose the best image quality and brightness, so you can see the clear reflected images. One more feature is portability, as you are going to buy a mini projector it is very important to check the ease of using it.

3. Resolution of Mini Projector

High resolution means choosing a projector which a high and clear projection image. It is very important to choose a projector with good resolution power if you are going to use it for professional work or for study purposes.

4. Throw Distance and Positioning

A mini projector supports either short throw or ultra-short throw. With a short throw, the positioning ranges between 3 to 8 feet, and with an ultra-short throw, the positioning ranges between 0 to 4 feet. For standard rooms, short-throw projectors are ideal.

5. Ease of Use

As you are going to a mini portable projector you must choose a projector with an easy operating system. You will see in the DLP projectors operating system is a bit harder than LCDs. But in LCDs, there are many operating systems you will see in the market. Choose which you can operate easily.

How Can Getezo Help?

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