How to Choose a Right Tour Guide

How to Choose a Right Tour Guide

Whether you are going on a short trip or for a longer duration but we all want to experience and enjoy that time. To experience any place in a better way, we should hire a better tour guide who will help us in exploring the new place.

The value that an experienced, knowledgeable and outgoing they can provide cannot be underestimated, from overcoming language barriers to recommending the best non-touristy local restaurants.

Points you should consider for choosing a best Tour Guide:

They must have the passion to be a guide-

Passion separates a great tour from a good tour. Some see it as a job, some see it as a calling. An average they would be looking to get tips, a great tour guide would be giving them!

You can see it in their faces and mannerisms, there is nothing more joyous than serving them and helping others to have positive and rew-arding experiences. They are passionate about their country and they treat you like a guest in their home.

Ability to communicate effectively-

Communication is one of the strongest qualities a guide should have. They should be able to articulate and project their voice and speak clearly to help prevent any misunderstandings from their various tourists and groups. A good guide should also know how to pronounce words correctly. Someone who knows how to grab the attention of several people at once is a good candidate for a tour guide position. Tour guides need to be approachable and have excellent interpersonal skills as they will connect with many people on a daily basis.

A guide must have experienced-

A great tour guide should have all the relevant qualifications, but what they need most is managing tours and groups. Managing passengers can sometimes feel like you’re trying to pet cats! But everyone is different with different personalities and goals. A great tour guide knows how to manage a group so that powerful shared experiences and memories can be created.


Sometimes, the guide has to go with the flow. They may need to use different approaches depending on the entertainment of the audience. A flexible approach to a situation can make a good tour even better. Great tour guides are flexible when it comes to unforeseen issues and schedule changes.

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