How To Choose The Best Headphones And Earphones

How To Choose The Best Headphones And Earphones

What do you look for in headphones and earphones? While there are many models to choose from, your planned use should help greatly to narrow your choices.

Sound quality, of course, is important to everybody; but for some, big bass is a must where others prefer open, full-range reproduction that emphasizes overall accuracy. Other factors include isolation, comfort, weight, portability, and fit, which we’ll discuss below.

 Headphones VS Earphones

Generally speaking, higher-end headphones are necessary for critical pro-audio work such as recording and mixing. That said, there are many mid-priced headphones that offer performance to meet the needs of musicians with home studios and modest budgets.

Earphones, also often called earbuds or in-ear headphones, are typically included with portable mp3 players. They’re often replaced by consumers with better quality models that provide improved sound and comfort.

Consumer-grade earbuds shouldn’t be confused with pro-quality in-ear headphones and earbuds designed for applications like monitoring live performances and other critical listening uses.

Types Of Headphones And Earphones


Their padding encircles the ear and forms a seal. These headphones are usually comfortable, and closed-back models provide isolation from external sounds and keep the headphone sounds from leaking out.


Also referred to as open-back headphones, they can be either circumaural or supra-aural, but the back of each earpiece is open, allowing sound to escape freely in both directions. Their positive quality is an open, airy sound that isn’t fatiguing to the ears, which makes them a good choice for general listening.


This type of headphone, as the name suggests, falls between a fully open design and a closed-back design. Semi-open headphones usually offer a realistic stereo field, low distortion, and extended low-frequency response. One application of such earphones is Recording.

Portable headphones:

These are the open-air, lightweight, headphones with foam earpads. They are light which makes them ideal for active use, and the better ones can sound fantastic.


They fit into the ear and form a seal that isolates the sound so that only you hear it. Better-quality earbud-type headphones offer excellent sound quality, which is remarkable considering their small drivers.

However, the bass response can be weak in some designs, especially those that fit your ear canal poorly.

Wireless headphones:

The advantage of having no cable is obvious: you’re free to roam as you listen. They operate on three basic types of technology: infrared, RF, and various digital technologies including Bluetooth.

What To Look For When Choosing Headphones


Any headphones will feel fine worn briefly, but when worn for long periods, many become uncomfortable. Weight is a factor in long-term comfort—in most cases, lighter headphones are more comfortable. For long listening periods, super-light portable headphones with foam pads are ideal.


You want your headphones to last. Unfortunately, durability often equates with heavier weight. Light headphones can be sat on or snapped in half more easily. Just be careful with them.


Be sure the cable is long enough for your situation. But avoid an exceptionally long cable if possible. It can negatively affect sound quality. It can lower volume and introduce noise, as well as become more easily tangled. A better-quality pair of headphones will likely have a shielded cable that minimizes noise.

Where To Buy?

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