How to Choose the Right Couch for Your Space

How to Choose the Right Couch for Your Space

A couch is arguably the most important element in a room. It is an anchor for all other items, being the most frequently used piece in the room, it is usually easy to start with the sofa and build up from there. For advice on seating with style, follow these 5 tips to choose the right couch.

1. Materials Matter

We are usually attracted to fabrics with subtle, textured weaves. They hold up and are comfortable from a design standpoint, which is important, considering how much you’ll be sitting on it. Even 100% natural fibers can withstand heavy use with hemp, linen, flax, and wool proving they can last. There are many grays and browns with interesting weaves and warm tones that provide depth. In general, I lean toward solids and textures for larger pieces and use accent pillows, throws, and other smaller pieces in bold colors or prints.

2. Consider Color

Order swatches first and test them against your most common spills, like coffee or red wine, to see the stain resistance. And look at them a few different times of the day. Keep in mind that lighter materials will reflect bold colors on the wall. For example, if you’re painting your walls a rich navy, blue undertones in upholstery fabric will pop more. Likewise, if your walls are optic white, the contrast between bright white walls and light fabric with creamy undertones will appear more dramatic.

3. Decide on Style

The material, shape, size, and makeup of the sofa are very important. It should either suit or contrast with the style of your home. If the sofa has a back or a lot of detail, a solid fabric can be really beautiful and enhance the silhouette. If the sofa lacks character or personality, a wild pattern can transform the piece and space.

4. Scale to the Room Size

If you’re having a hard time visualizing the size of the piece in your space, use painter’s tape to mark the dimensions of the sofa on your floor. This gives you a chance to visualize the overall scale and check that all walkways are clear and don’t feel too cramped.

5. Give it Prominence

I am very much into velvets or silk velvets as they play with light and add some glamour. For more understated elegance, mixed fabrics composed of wools and linens can be chic and comfy. An ivory bouclé is never a mistake with a wider palette of greens, pinks, or terracotta shades.

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