How to Choose the Right Electric Rice Cooker

How to Choose the Right Electric Rice Cooker

An electric rice cooker is a very useful kitchen appliance. You can make a variety of delicious food items as per your requirement. The smart cooking device is beneficial for students, singles, and small families as it can facilitate everyday cooking. Considering its usefulness, people consider buying this device.

This device is in demand because it will make it easier to cook rice. Electric rice cookers come with many features and are very effective. They are absolutely essential in the form of washing machines, refrigerators, and more.

There are several things that you need to consider before buying equipment:

Size and capacity-

When you are selecting the right cooker to buy, the first thing you should check is the size of the cooker. You can measure the capacity of the cooker by the total number of cups of rice it can cook. Appliances come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 liter to 6 liters or more.
First of all check the family capacity of your rice, if you are going to cook for 6 people then you will need a cooker of 3-5 liters capacity. Also, consider how many cups of rice you usually need.

Easy to operate-

Most electric cookers come with a one-touch operation. This means all you have to do is add rice, and enough water, and let the cooker do the rest.

There are also more advanced electric cookers available in the market with more digital functions and controls. Functions such as self-timer/delay start, automatic heating, slow cooking, steaming, and more. It is ideal for an electric rice cooker to have a self-timer or delay start function. It sets the cooker to start working at a specified time and even tells you the time until the rice is ready to be served. These features let you automate things and you can rest assured that your rice will be ready when it’s time to eat.
And this type of cooker is very easy to use.

Types of lids-

Some cookers come with a see-through lid, and some come with stainless steel. Choosing a see-through lid is a perfect thing to do. Because through the lid you can see whether the rice is cooked or not. Stainless steel is also good as if it will be dropped suddenly it cannot break. Choose according to your preference.

Multi-purpose rice cookers-

If you have a large family then it is worth considering the multi-purpose rice cooker as well. This is handy when there is one device that can perform multiple tasks. There are rice cookers that can steam vegetables, meat, and fish along with rice. Some other cooker models also let you heat or boil soup and cook pulses.

Warranty and after-sales service-

When buying a rice cooker, check the warranty offered by the brand. Most brands offer a 2-year warranty. For detailed information, talk to a store associate or visit the official website of the brand. Like any other appliance at home, a rice cooker is an important kitchen appliance that you will be using for a very long time. After-sales support is very important.

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