How To Choose The Right Piano

How To Choose The Right Piano

Buying a new piano for yourself is an exciting decision. Choosing the right piano, which is a real headache. There is a wide array of pianos, but which one should you buy? Here are some tips to choose the right piano.

1. The sound

Before you buy a piano, try to determine whether you like the sound or not. It is subjective. Some people prefer a brighter tone, while others prefer a mellower tone. A good sound is round and full. You can get a professional opinion from an experienced music teacher or registered technician.

Listen to the sound of the piano. Are key segments consistent? Play all the notes of the piano with equal power, and listen to any unexpected deviations out loud. Also, is the sound quality consistent? Listen for notes that sound unexpectedly brighter or sweeter than the rest.

2. The keys

Make sure the keys have a smooth surface and are free from damage and cracks. When you play the piano, the key must have enough resistance. If the keys require very little strength to type on a computer keyboard to operate, then the keys probably do not have enough resistance. Finally, when you hit the keys, the joints of your finger should have enough cushion to reduce the shock transmitted.

3. The location where you will place the piano

Get the exact dimensions of both the piano and the designated location where you plan to place it. If there is not much space available, you will have to choose a traditional upright or spinet piano, the latter being the smaller of the two.

4. The length of the warranty

Most brand new pianos have at least a 5-year warranty. Be careful when purchasing pianos from private retailers. Most piano brands, including Yamaha and Steinway, do not provide warranty coverage for pianos sold by unauthorized private retailers.

5. The brand

Many brands have consistently produced reliable acoustic pianos. These brands have earned themselves a good reputation and are generally considered safe alternatives.

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