How To Choose The Right Plants For Your Garden?

How To Choose The Right Plants For Your Garden?

All sorts of plants from the world over can be brought home and planted. The trouble is the conditions a plant gets in its native habitat aren’t necessarily what you have in your back garden.  Which plants you choose for your garden will depend on many factors, from the orientation of your garden to its size and soil type. Choosing the plants that are suited to your environment will require some additional watering to get them established for the first year or two. Here we will discuss how can you choose the right plants for your garden.

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Tips to choose the right plants for your garden

Picking plants according to your climate

Plant hardy perennials in cold conditions

Sorrels, daylilies, and ostrich fern plants are to survive low or drastically fluctuating temperatures than their warm-weather counterparts.  Plants that favor frigid conditions tend to be woody and have little colorful foliage.

Take the precipitation levels in your area into account

Gardens that see regular showers usually won’t be in need of much extra watering. The amount of rainfall your plants take in can play a big part in how well they ultimately do. Run a quick search for the annual rainfall averages in your neck of the woods to get an idea of how frequently you’ll need to water your plants.

Choosing plants based on garden conditions

Raising a large garden filled with fruits and vegetables will require much more ground space. The overall size of your garden will be one of the biggest limiting factors in what you’re able to grow there. Picking up a few containers of the appropriate size can spare you the headache of reorganizing your beds in an effort to make everything fit. Since plants can have such radically different light requirements, they might not all be equally suitable for your space.

Experimenting with various growing options

Sunflowers, poppies, and daisies are common seed starters, along with vegetables like carrots, cucumber, radish, and cabbage. Some plants are easier to care for. Raising your plants from seed can be a very rewarding experience, and is often a sign of a skilled gardener.

Keep your favorite plants going by taking cuttings

Clip the uppermost stems from flowers like roses, hydrangeas, and geraniums and place them in fresh, well-drained soil. Once they take root, dig them up and replant them alongside their parent plants.  Propagating plants from cuttings is a cost-effective way to multiply their numbers or give them a second chance without having to start over from scratch.

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