How to Create a Perfect Listing on OVX India if You Wish to Rent Your House

How to Create a Perfect Listing on OVX India if You Wish to Rent Your House

Do you wish to rent your house and start collecting the rent as soon as possible?

If your answer is a loud and affirmative ‘Yes’, this article is totally for you. We are going to tell you the secret to creating a perfect listing for your house that grabs attention and helps you rent properties easily and quickly. Let us begin:

Log on to Our Website

The first step is to log on to our website at (it is obvious but, at least, you have the link to our website). Once you land on the website, start exploring to see how others are posting their gigs.

Create Your Account

Once you have seen a few gigs, step forward in your journey and create your account on our website. You can either use an email address or a mobile number to create an account. You can also add a profile picture to show that your account is genuine but it is an optional step.

Create a Perfect Listing

After completing registration, start creating your gig. Here are some of the tried and tested hacks that you can use to create a listing that makes the process faster and easier:

Write an Appealing Title

The first thing that you need to write about the gig is the ‘title’. In order to catch the attention of prospective tenants, the title should be quite appealing and memorable. Let us differentiate between a good title and a bad title with the help of these examples:

  1. House on Rent
  2. A Beautiful House on Rent
  3. A Beautiful and Spacious 2BHK House on Rent for Rs. 13,000 per month.

The first example simply says, “House on Rent”. The chances of people clicking on the link in this case highly depend on the picture because nobody will click on the listing for the title.

In the second example, the title mentions that the house is beautiful. More people will click on this title as compared to the first one.

In the third example, a lot of information about the house is provided in the title. The title tells the users that the house is 2BHK, beautiful, spacious, and the rent amount is just Rs. 13,000.

Now, among these three titles, all the users will click on the third title but the same is not the case with the first and second titles. In addition, among the three titles, there are high chances that the people would like to click on the third title before clicking on any other.

Therefore, it is important to write a title that makes the user click on it. The best way to write such a title is to include information about the house in the title.

Write a Detailed Description

As soon as you put up a title, you should start writing a description of the house. The description must include all the details of your house like the sq. ft. area, number of rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, balconies, roof, backyard, garden (if any), etc. You must also write about all the things that are already present in the house like tiles, faucets, railings, furniture, geyser, modular kitchen, furniture, and all the amenities present in the house.

Add Pictures of Every Room and Special Things

Now, comes the fun part. It is time to show your photography skills. Click a picture of the front of the house. Now, one by one, click a picture of every room, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. (The best way to click a picture of the room is to stand in the doorway or at an angle from where the whole room is visible. Clicking the pictures of the whole room will also capture all the other things like the switchboards, tiles, geysers, and faucets in the bathroom, etc.) Also, make sure that the lighting in every room should be good enough because lights make things look better.

You must also click the pictures from the balcony or terrace to show the view. While doing this, make sure that the railing or balcony is visible. If your house has in-built wardrobes or modular kitchen, you must click the pictures of the wardrobes, cupboards, chimneys, as well. Imagine that you are giving a tour of your house and click pictures of whatever you want to show.

If you will follow all these steps, you will be able to create a listing that will help you rent your house faster than others.

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