How to Find a Tutor Quickly and Without Any Hassle

How to Find a Tutor Quickly and Without Any Hassle

The Present Picture of Education

Education has now become just a game of marks, rank, and percentages. It seems weird that the students memorize each and every chapter but do not have any practical knowledge. Both the teachers and parents focus on grades instead of learning. The craze for marks is so high that parents appoint tutors. However, most of the parents and almost every tutor have realized the importance of actual learning.

Good Tutors Can Help

There are many tutors who actually teach and focus on education instead of marks. We suggest you appoint only those tutors. It does not matter if your child scores less but a student should know and understand. Having said that, let us do a reality check. It is not easy to find such tutors.

Now, the question arises:

Where to Find Good Tutors?

Finding good tutors might be difficult for many but the same is not the case for you. It is because OVX India will help you find efficient, skilled, and experienced tutors who know how to impart proper education to your child.

If you are looking for an experienced tutor, you will find many on OVX India. We list a lot of tutors who know the right techniques to teach young minds in the best possible manner.

What Steps Should You Take?

Here are the steps that you should follow to find the best tutor:

Visit the Website

The first step would be to log on to our website at and look for the category named ‘Tutor’ or search for it directly.

Apply a Filter for Your Area

Select a range of areas by applying a filter of expected kilometers. The choice of range totally depends on your willingness to allow the teacher of that area and readiness to send your child to that area.

Scan Profile of Every Tuition Teacher Carefully

When the list of writers appears on your screen, make sure that you click on every listing and read every description carefully. The description will tell you everything about the teacher including details like experience, qualification, interests, fees, etc.

By reading different profiles, you will be able to choose the best one among the long list of tutors.

Pay Attention to Educational Qualification

Look for the highest qualification of the tutor. The tutor must have, at least, passed the Intermediate examination. In addition to the highest qualification, you should also check the Board through which the tutor had studied.

The Board of Education of the tutor plays an important role because the tutor understands the mannerism and methods of his/her own board. For example:

If the tutor belongs to a State Board, he/she will follow the patterns of that Board only. This will create problems for a student of ICSE or CBSE Board as their pattern is quite different from the State Board. The same applies to the opposite situation.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that the teacher of your child should belong to the same Board. The teacher belonging to a different board must have detailed knowledge regarding the board and its education pattern.

Chat with the Perspective Tutor

Shortlist a few teachers and then, start chatting with the shortlisted candidates. Ask questions that you would ask while sitting face to face with a teacher. Here are a few questions that you should ask:

How long have you been teaching?

The teacher will tell you about his/her experience and might even launch in a detailed account of all the tuitions.

Which Boards do you teach?

There are many tutors who teach students of all the boards. In that case, you may ask about the teacher’s Board of Education and also ask about the schools of students that he/she has taught.

Which classes do you teach?

The answer to this question will give you an idea that for how long could you depend on this tutor. For example, if the tutor teaches up to 5th standard and your child is in the 4th standard, then you will have to look for a tutor again after two years.

Never Shy Away From Bargaining

Ask for the fees and see if it fits in your budget. Try and ask for a discount. There is no issue in asking for a discount. The tutors know that their demand is high and that is why they quote a very high price. If you will ask for a discount, there are positive chances for you to get a good tutor within your budget.


These are basic tips but these could make a huge difference in the search for a qualified tutor. Try these tips today otherwise all the good tutors will be taken. All the best in your quest!


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