How To Find & Hire The Best Event Planner / Event Manager

How To Find & Hire The Best Event Planner / Event Manager

Hiring an outside event planner doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You need to source the best event planners for your needs and screen them carefully before committing to one. But first, you should know exactly what you’re asking the event planner to do.

Find An Objective

Before you start your search, you need to work out the event’s objective, the budget you’re working with, and your reason for hiring externally. You want to be in a position to communicate the broad outline of the event and its most important goals.

Once you’ve defined your objectives, a few clear ideas will begin to emerge about the theme and message you want to convey.

Now you’ll want to determine the budget you have for a planner and what they will be expected to do. An event planner can select the venue, recommend food and beverage options, source speakers and entertainment, be on-site for day-of production needs, and create the invitations.

If you can’t handle all of the above on your own, you need to start your search for an event planner.

Look For An Event Planner

Regardless of whether it’s a social event or a corporate meeting, the rules of hiring an event planner or caterer remain the same: You want to hire someone who has expertise in creating your type of event.

f you’re trying to find the best event planner for your affair, look for a company with experience and a strong reputation within the community of event planners. Peer reputation may be a stronger indicator than references from friends.

Interview Applicants

Most event planners will be eager to hear about your event. Give them brief details at first, and focus on their expertise in the initial round of interviews.

You should then ask each finalist or firm about their business, their experience with past events, and how they plan for contingencies. A good planner will walk you through a discussion about your event’s overall objectives, timeline, budget, guest count, and personal preferences, and also ask questions about your organization. The one who is eager to learn about your objectives and your event will stand out from the rest.

Make The Selection

Now it’s time to narrow down your selection to one.

Once you’ve made the hire, the event planner should be able to share a detailed plan for the event with you. It’s the time to toss around creative ideas and toss out the ideas that don’t work.

The Budget!

Many people who organize an event for the first time want a champagne event on a beer budget. Your event planner can make the most of your budget but may have to bring your vision down to earth a bit. You need to work together to come up with a realistic budget. And don’t forget to find out about the fees that will be charged by the event planner, and how they will be incorporated into the budget.

Follow Up

Most bad things that happen related to event planning are a result of a lack of follow-through. Event planning requires the effective coordination of logistics. In other words, stay on top of the project and don’t force the event planner to make major decisions without your input.

If everything goes as planned, the event planning process will go off without a hitch and you’ll have added an excellent event planner to your network for future needs.

Where To Find An Ideal Event Planner?

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