How to Find the Best Cooling Pad for Laptop

How to Find the Best Cooling Pad for Laptop

A laptop cooling pad is an essential tool for laptop users. Laptops can get very hot when in summer, gaming or being used for several hours in a row. If your laptop gets too hot it can seriously damage the major components inside it, including the processor or CPU, motherboard, graphics card, and hard disk. Therefore, to keep your laptop from overheating, you have to use the cooling pad of the laptop.

The purpose of a laptop cooler is to protect the laptop from overheating and heat-related discomfort to the user. A cooling pad can have active or passive cooling methods and rests on the bottom of the laptop. Active coolers move air or liquid heat away from the laptop directly, while passive methods may rely on thermally conductive materials or increased passive airflow.

Important things to consider when buying a cooling pad:

Number of Fans-

Laptop coolers come in one or more numbers of fans. The maximum number of fans is generally up to four. A laptop cooler with only one fan will have a large fan and it provides uniform cooling over the maximum area of your laptop whereas a cooler with two or more fans comes with a smaller size fan and only one target area on your laptop It is possible Cools the area.

I personally recommend a laptop cooler with a bigger fan for the following reasons.

Size & designs-

The laptop cooler should be able to comfortably accommodate your laptop. It should not be too big and should not be too small. So while selecting a laptop cooler, you must make sure that it fits your laptop properly otherwise you will not be able to get the maximum performance out of it. Plus its construction should be strong enough that it can sustain the weight of your laptop.

Body Material-

Normally laptop coolers come with a composite plastic body, but good coolers come with a metal surface on top, especially aluminum. Aluminum metal is a good conductor of heat and it helps in reducing the temperature of your laptop very quickly and efficiently. So if you are looking for a good laptop cooler then choose a cooler that has an aluminum or metal surface on the top.


The brand is one of the important things to consider while buying a laptop cooler. A local and cheap unbranded laptop cooler will cost less but it will not give good performance and its fan will eventually wear out very soon. So always choose branded laptop coolers as they contain quality components and will provide you maximum cooling for your laptop. S

ome good brands for laptop coolers are Deepcool, Cooler Master, and Belkin.


A cooling pad is used to reduce the temperature of the laptop. A good cooling pad is priced according to its efficiency, how fast, and how effectively it can reduce the internal temperature of a laptop. One should choose a cooling pad that has multiple fans and allows better airflow.

The most popular laptop table with a cooling fan has a diameter of 90-110 mm and a speed of 1000 rpm.


This is also an important point when choosing a cooling pad. There are many manufacturers that offer laptop coolers at affordable prices. You can go through different varieties as per your budget.

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