How to Make an Awesome Music Playlist

How to Make an Awesome Music Playlist

Whether you want to take over DJ duties at your next party or create a good mix to listen to while you work out, there are a few tricks of the music playlist trade. Picking a theme, sticking with the right amount of songs, and listening to your playlist over and over can help you modify and tweak it to be the best it can be. If you ever feel stuck, try asking your friends for suggestions or looking at popular playlists online to get some inspiration.

1. Try a nostalgic playlist for a throwback vibe.

If you want to be transported back to the past, pick a time period where you had the most fun and choose songs that remind you of it. You could pick a time when you grew up, one when you were in school, or just one that reminds you of a good time. Try 90’s R&B, early 2000’s pop music, 70’s psychedelic rock, or even 80’s jam bands.

2. Go for an upbeat playlist for working out

If you want to take your playlist to the gym, think about songs that will pump you up and get you ready for your workout. Try songs that have a fast tempo, a strong beat, and a solid baseline to keep you in workout mode the entire time. Dubstep and EDM songs are great ones for working out.

3. Stick with soothing music for relaxation or meditation

For calming songs that you can listen to while studying, meditating, or winding down, go for slow, soft tempo songs with quiet baselines. You can even pick music that is specifically for meditating with white noise or nature sounds incorporated. Classical music is also great for relaxation and studying since it doesn’t have any distracting lyrics.

4. Lean towards popular music for parties

If you’re taking your playlist to a party or a DJ set, go for songs that most people will know. You don’t have to choose songs that are all from the top 40 list. But try to pick ones that you and your friends all know. The more people can sing along, the more they will dance and jam to the music. Different parties might need different music playlist. A kid’s birthday party, for example, will have different music than a house show in your neighborhood.

5. Base your music playlist off your mood for a specific vibe

Some songs can bring up certain emotions, and you can make a whole playlist based on that. If you’re feeling happy, go for uplifting, supportive songs. If you’re feeling a little down, try adding melancholy or sad songs to your playlist. This is a great way to figure out a name for your playlist as well since you can just title it after your mood. Angry playlists might have a lot of heavy metal, content playlists might play smooth jazz, and sad playlists might have classical or slow songs.

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