How To Not Let The Winter Affect Your Clothing Style?

How To Not Let The Winter Affect Your Clothing Style?

Winters has finally come! So, you have packed away your party dresses, you are feeling uninspired by your wardrobe. But despite the freezing cold temperatures and wet, dark evenings, this time of year does not have to mean compromising on style. Yes, you heard it right and that’s why From planning your outfits according to the forecast to investing in the most important pieces, here are some tips on how to not let the winter affect your clothing style.

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Tips To Not Let The Winter Affect Your Style

Carriable Attire

It’s the most obvious tip, but also the most important. Having to carry around scarves, hats, gloves, and umbrellas can be a real chore and aren’t necessary all winter long. If you know the temperature is going to be a little higher. Or, the rain isn’t expected, you can dress appropriately. And, bring only what you need in your handbag, rather than your entire winter wardrobe. Similarly, you will do well if you know it’s going to be -5° beforehand. This is because you’ll be sure to bring what you need.

Wearable Attire

Sometimes, winter calls for us to put our heads before our hearts. And, choose trusty, weather-appropriate clothing rather than valuing fashion above everything. This means: pack away your backless loafers until spring, leave your lightweight skirts in the wardrobe, say goodbye to those off-the-shoulder tops for now and opt for winter-proof pieces that will keep you warm and dry.

While you might have more pairs of sandals than there are days in the week, you likely only have a couple of sturdy, sensible boots that will work in winter, meaning you really have to look after them. Buy protection sprays for suede and leather and always go to the effort to get your shoe re-heeled as soon as they are starting to fall apart so you can keep wearing them season after season.

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Follow these tips to not let winter affect your clothing style. Stay fashionable all-season!

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