How to read books more in 2022

How to read books more in 2022

How to read more books in 2022, coming to your mind always? We have got a simple solution. If you love to read but have struggled to read books, Then you’re in right place, most of us like to watch movies rather than read books, but do you know reading regularly has a lot of benefits. The best starting solution to get motivated to read is to first remove all the distractions in your way, find a place where you can read at ease. Pick books that you like, rather than starting with famous lengthy books, which you most probably will stop reading after a few days. Picking a book of your likeness will keep you going. We are going to mention 5 effective tips that will help you develop a strong reading habit. If you don’t have a lot of time and work is all over you really need this guide, choosing books that you think you will love to read will always be helpful.

Let’s look at How to read more books in 2022:-

1. Don’t read only one book

Most people pick a book they don’t like and then it’s completely hard for them to turn the pages. They don’t touch any other book before completely reading it, which is a complete waste of productivity. You can read more than one book. Reading should be fun and not exile, read more than one book enjoying different stories, your mind can absorb more than enough information.

2. Use a 2-page rule

Reading for 30 minutes at a go can be difficult for you if you’re starting to read. Reading 5-7 pages at once can be a challenging task. The solution to this is to use a 2-page rule, read-only 2 pages in starting for a week, you will go into flow and develop to read books more. When you’re comfortable increase the page or enjoy the 2-page rule. At least you will be reading a lot. So, to develop a strong habit of reading start with a 2-page rule.

3. Avoid going for digital reading mode

You can get distracted when reading on tablets and phones, it will prove a heavy task, with social media and messaging apps always popping up. Go for physical books, you will be reading at peace without disturbance. Physical books will be easy to your eyes too, without hurting them and giving you a digital break.

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