How to select a best health insurance plan?

How to select a best health insurance plan?

It has become essential to buy health insurance in the present time for bearing the ever-soaring medical expenses. The insurance plan binds you to be particular while choosing the best health insurance policy in India. They saturated the market with thousands of insurance plans. Purchasing the right and adequate health plan is hard. To make this easy, the below pointers will prove relevant when you hunt for a health plan that meets your needs.

1. Smartly choose the coverage amount

Choose the plans that offer you maximum health coverage and also the maximum amount for the amount. The healthcare expenses are drastically going up with medical inflation and so you need a sufficient amount to deal with inflation. Just an example of a heart surgery that causes around 4 to 5 lakhs and for a middle-class family the amount is quite high. This matters a lot for them if the policy covers this amount.

2. Family floater heal plans to be a great option

They design the health plans for keeping in mind the needs of the individual, but for your family, we will advise you to buy a family slaughter plant that will keep in mind the needs of your entire family. With this, you do not need to buy a separate policy for each member and keep their life secured. Here the premium is even less compared to other health policies. Anyone who needs to be hospitalized can use the amount during their treatment. Also, by wiping a slightly higher premium, you can cover your senior citizen parents.

3. Precisely choose the insured sum

Choose the sum insured according to your marital status and age. The risk factor at a young age is less compared to the age of over 40. This age leads to a variety of problems like BP, diabetes, etc. Also, when you married, select your insured health plan after checking the health status of your partner.

4. Plan the policy with a minimum waiting period

The health insurance plans come with their own set of terms and conditions regarding pre-existing diseases. This means that if you have a disease before taking the plan then the claim made for taking treatment against the illness will be accepted after serving for a defined waiting period. Mostly the waiting period ranges from 2 to 4 years. Though there are some plants that have less waiting period. Thus, while buying a health policy, opt for the one with less waiting period.

5. Maximum age renewal

There is no need for health policy at a young age, but when one gets older, the possibilities of health issues increase. Thus, select a plan which can be renewed at the age of 75 or 80 years.

6. An insurer with a high claim settlement ratio

The number of claims that are settled by the insurer over the total claims received is the claim settlement ratio. Always choose the health plan from the insurance with a high claim settlement ratio. This ensures that your claim is not rejected until one gets a valid reason. Be careful while filling the form and attach all the relevant documents and proves to support your claim.

7. Choose the plan with sub-limits

The health insurance policies mostly come with sub-limits on per day medical expenses like room rent. Select those plans that offer the highest slab on room rent along with other Health care expenses. The best health insurance policy in India comes with maximum sub-limits. All you need to do is select the plan, compare, calculate the premium and get the best deal for you.

8. Compare the premium

It is important to compare the premium before taking a health plan. You can get help from mini online aggregators that will help you compare the insurance policies as per their benefits, features, premium, maximum return, etc. Compare all the plans and avail all the benefits at a comparatively cheaper premium rate.

Where To Find Heath Insurance?

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