How To Select A Good Dog Food For Your Pet?

How To Select A Good Dog Food For Your Pet?

If you don’t like to do that much leg-work (like me!) you understand that finding good dog food for your dog can be daunting. And you would have to do a number of searches to select what dog food is right for your dog.

Finding the right diet for your dog is important. As a dog owner, you have full responsibility for your pet’s well-being. If a dog eats well, it’ll have better health, it’ll feel more energized, lighten up & ready to play.

But this task should be carried out with utmost care. The dog food you are selecting should cause no stomach-upsets to it. Keep it energized, should keep its coat smooth and shiny. This is no small feat.

And so, here we are at your service! Here, we present to you How you can select a good food for your dog. So, what is there to wait for? Let’s begin!

Steps To Choosing The Best Dog Food

1. Dog’s Age, Breed, & Reproductive Status

Your dog’s physical characteristics and behavior are important in choosing the right diet. Puppies and lactating mothers require more calories per day, while senior pets require fewer.

Similarly, the ones belonging to a highly active breed require more calories. The amount of food fed correctly will help your dog avoid health issues as a result of obesity.

2. Buzz Words on Food Packaging

According to the FSSAI analysis of pet food labels, simple names like “Beef for Dogs,” or “Chicken Dog Food” indicate that the listed protein comprises 95% of the total product, not including the water content. With water added, the results come to a required 70%.

The keyword “dinner” is another strong indicator; foods with labels like “Chicken Stew Dinner” and “Salmon Dinner for Dogs” only contain 25% of the protein. The same rule applies to terms like “platter,” “entree,” “nuggets,” and “formula.” If there are several ingredients on the label, both of them combined must reach 25% of the total product.

3. Read the Ingredients

Choose food with a meat or meat meal as the first ingredient. Dogs are omnivorous (both carnivore and herbivore). Only under extreme circumstances (such as very bad allergies) should they be fed a vegetarian diet.

On your search, also ensure that the first ingredient is not a grain, tuber, or vegetable, such as ground corn. Just because corn (when ground) is digestible, does not mean it has high nutritional value. Corn has low protein and unimpressive vitamin and mineral content.

How Can We Help?

You can consider the tips we’ve discussed above to select the right dog food for your buddy. But, if you are facing challenges, or you are still confused, a Vet can suggest to you what will be the right food for your pet to keep it healthy.

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