How to Sell a Two-Wheeler Bike?

How to Sell a Two-Wheeler Bike?

Are you struggling to Sell a two-wheeler Bike? Online Listing on Getezo is the one-stop solution for your Selling purpose. With an Online listing, you can now sell a bike soon. The online processes for selling a motorcycle on Getezo are highly operational. You can now sell your old Bike to Getezo safely. There is no hassle with documentation and legal procedure.

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Get Best Price & Guaranteed sale For your Old two-wheeler:

Step 1: Submit your bike details

To sell a two-wheeler online, you must submit all the bike-related details for a quick process. You need to include bike details, location, model, and year for the further process.

Step 2: Free Verification of the Bike

To sell my Bike online, how will I verify? It is easy with OLX. We have auto experts to check your Bike under 120+ parameters. There are options of self-inspection too through the online app, which make the selling process effortless.

Step 3: Get an Accurate Price on your old bike sale.

With the accurate price of satisfaction from both parties, the transaction process starts to take place.

Step 4: Sell your Bike Online

If I want to sell my Bike instantly?  We are committed to providing you with a guaranteed sale.

Documents Required-

The buyer should have these documents

  • Form 28 [ 3 copies, Non-Mandatory] -No Objection Certificate
  • Form 29 [ 2 copies] -Notice of Transfer of Ownership
  • And, Form 30 [ 1 copy] -Report of Transfer of Ownership

The seller should have these documents to sell a two-wheeler Bike 

Transfer Deed-

A transfer deed is proof of the vehicle is free from all encumbrances, liabilities, and litigations. Possession of the vehicle along with documents has been delivered to the purchaser.

Registration Certificate serves as proof of bike registration and is thus an essential document. It is also among the list of documents you need to submit to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) during ownership transfer.

RC Book [Registration Certificate Book]-

It is also essential to verify all the details present in an RC such as owner’s name, chassis number, engine type, etc. Make it a point to match it with your bike’s specifications to confirm its authenticity.

For two-wheelers purchased on loan, you must also take care to obtain the bank’s No Objection Certificate and stamped Form 35 to confirm the repayment of the entire loan.

Insurance Certificate-

You will need a Insurance Certificate for selling your Bike.

According to the updated motor vehicle rules, any vehicle operating on Indian roads must have an Insurance Certificate.

An absence of this certificate results in failure to register the vehicle with the RTO. Hence, make sure to obtain this certificate from your seller before completing a bike purchase.

Tax Receipt-

The bike should have a valid tax paid receipt. These days most vehicles have life time tax paid, this is usually for a duration of fifteen years [varies from state to state].

Pollution Certificate [Pollution Under Control Certificate]-

Even though this certificate is mandatory for vehicles which is more than six months old, unlike insurance certificate buyer need not pay the fine for the period bike didn’t have the certificate. So in case the seller doesn’t have one, buyer can go get a new one, once he/she has the possession of the bike.

How Can Getezo Help?

Getezo is one of the largest upcoming online marketplaces in India, which you can access from almost anywhere. Find out the option to list your Bike at Getezo. The page takes you to a location where you can list your Bike will be shown. Choose the option which suits you the best.

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