How To Start A Primary School In India?

How To Start A Primary School In India?

To start primary school is a life-changing experience that should only be done after thorough planning and research. In addition, there is a need to follow up because no research can match the experience.

To start a primary school or any school with any level-of-education requires a study of how to register your school? What other schools are offering? How to get affiliation and so on. This can be intimidating!

But worry not! We’ve got you covered. Here we present to you tips on how to start a primary school in India.

So, what is there to wait for? Let’s begin!

Tips To Start A Primary School In India

Choose the Type of School in India

You can choose between any type of school, be it Playschool, Pre- Primary, Primary, Secondary. But if it’s the first school franchise for you, start with a Primary School. Now, once you have decided the type of school, it’s time to decide how many classes would be there in the starting. After the primary school starts running class V, it can apply for approval for Middle-Class Syllabus from the CBSE & start classes VI to VIII.

Also, to any Board, a primary school is not affiliated with it. In case the owner starts class VIII and above that, they need to have affiliation with the State Board.

Identify a Trust or a Society

To start primary school, having trust or society is very important. It can be a former society or trust or can be a newly formed society. A Trust must be registered under the state’s Trust Act or Indian Societies Registration Act 1860. A Trust thus formed is a non-profit organization.

Land required to Start a Primary School

The Land can either be purchased or leased. If the owner already has land, they must get it approved for educational use by the Municipal and the Education Department of the concerned state. There are different land sizes for different needs. However, the minimum size of land needed usually depends upon the type of school and the location.

Recruitment of Staff

This perhaps is the most difficult thing than any other and that is the recruitment of principal & teachers for your school. The Education Board of India selects the Principal on the basis of qualifications and experience. The minimum requirement is a Master’s Degree in a school-teaching subject with a degree in Education.

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