How to Take Care of Your AC in Summer

How to Take Care of Your AC in Summer

Air Conditioners have become a necessity, especially during the summer season. The temperature easily reaches 40 degrees and even the fan and coolers could do nothing to curb the heat. However, it is a known fact that ACs are costly appliances and their repairs are not cheap either. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of your AC to avoid such expenses.

In this article, we will discuss all the steps that you should take in order to ensure that your AC does not encounter any problems. Let us begin:

While the AC is Turned On

When you switch on your air conditioner to escape from the humidity and heat, you will have to make sure that all the doors and windows are closed. What an AC does is that it maintains the temperature of the room. When a door or window is open, it puts additional pressure on the AC, which could cause temporary or permanent damage to the internal parts.

Therefore, it is advised to close the doors and windows. This not only avoids damage or extra pressure on the AC or its parts but it also increases the life span of your AC. So, remember to close the doors and windows.

Also, make sure that nobody opens or closes the door again and again. This will disturb the temperature of the room and thus, the load on the AC to maintain the temperature will increase. It is better to turn on the AC when you make sure that everyone is in the room or nobody will enter it.

While the AC is Turned Off

People generally turn on or off their air conditioner through the remote. However, it is advised to switch off the main current by turning off the switch near the plug or the MCB. Your AC might have an inbuilt stabilizer or you might have installed an extra stabilizer but even then your AC might encounter a few problems.

There are a lot of areas in India that register an unstable voltage supply which means the voltage rises and drops many times and the issue of power cuts is known to all. All these situations cause little damage to ACs. Reduced or no cooling is one of the major examples of keeping the main supply turned ‘on’ all the time.

It is important to turn it off when you know that you are not going to use it for a few or more hours. This will not only save your AC but will also save the money that you will spend on its repairs.

In addition to the above points, you should also remember to clean your AC regularly.

How to Clean the AC?

  • The first step is to clean it from the outside. Whether you have a window or a split AC, cleaning it on a regular basis is very important.
  • Once you clean it on the outside, move a little bit further and clean the blades of the AC that direct the flow of air. The blades catch dirt easily and they require regular cleaning.
  • After the blades, you need to move even further. Yes, we are talking about the filters. If the filters are not cleaned on a regular basis, you might not get proper cooling. The good part, however, is that the filters (no matters how dirty they look) are the easiest to clean. All you have to do is to keep them under running tap water. Make sure that the pressure of the tap is high and the filter will be clean as new in no time.

If you will follow these simple and easy steps, you will not need repair services for your AC anytime soon. However, if your AC is already having some issues, OVX India has an even better solution for you.

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