How To Train Your Dog To Accept Strangers?

How To Train Your Dog To Accept Strangers?

So, you have a big day coming up? Probably your birthday. There’s going to be a party. And, you own a dog. But you are worried that both the dog and the strangers aren’t going to be comfortable when put in the same room. Kids will also be there. But you know that your dog is not used to seeing strangers and it would react. Well, worry not! We’ve got you covered as always. Here we’ll be discussing how can you train your dog to accept strangers.

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Tips To Train Your Dog To Accept Strangers

Provide a Safe Place

First, ensure that your dog is comfortable, he’s at a safe place, from which he can escape if he’s scared. Make sure your dog is around safe people who don’t pick on pets. This is because if it is so, he will not be able to build trust with other people. And, if he’s put around them, he would react, even if this time the stranger different person and is calm this time. You never want to force your dog to confront his fears of strangers, doing this may only make the problem worse.

Teach Visitors

If you want to train your dog to accept strangers then make your visitors ignore him completely. Ensure they don’t look at him, pet him, or talk to him. This may sound weird but trust me! Doing this will show your dog that all strangers do not pose threat to them or to the people of the house they live in.

Generous Guests

Have generous guests around him every now and then. Have them throw treats at him. This would train your dog to accept strangers. Ensure they ignore him while doing this. This will show your dog that there are benefits to having strangers around: free food! And, trust me, dogs love that!

Give Command

If he starts to look startled, have him sit. Obedience training of this sort is a quick and easy way to distract him from his immediate fear. Having him work in this way will also reinforce to him that he still has your attention and protection when strangers are around.

How Can We Help?

You can use the above-mentioned tips to train your dog to accept strangers. However, if you are facing some issues, or your dog is having a hard time around strangers, take him to a dog care center. Let’s see how can we help?

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To train your dog to accept strangers, made easy!

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