If You Are Also Fond of Reading Books Then Definitely Visit These 5 Best Book Cafes

If You Are Also Fond of Reading Books Then Definitely Visit These 5 Best Book Cafes

What would be the best place to visit for book lovers? A room is full of books and a calm atmosphere with sips of hot coffee where no one disturbs you. Book Cafes is such a place, which will be the favorite place of any book lover. By the way, nowadays book cafes are found in every city. But if we talk about the city of Mumbai, then there is more than one book cafe here. So if you live in Mumbai, then today we will tell you what would be the best options for book cafes in this metropolis.

1. Food for Thought

About 150 years old place on Mumbai’s MG Road which is known as Food ‘For Thought’. This place is very special for book lovers. This is a book cafe, which is situated in the heart of the people. The journey of ‘Food for Thought’ started with a book store named ‘Kitabkhana’. Today the shelves are filled with some of the best books in Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi, and Gujarati languages. Reading the book ‘Food for Thought’ A beautiful and great option for organizing book launches and writing workshops along with people.

2. leaping window

This place is a great option for book lovers. Because this book cafe is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ‘Leaping Window’ avenue is surrounded by a collection of graphic novels and comics. Leaping Window was initially a simple online library for comic lovers. But now Leaping Window has become a great cafe. When you come to Mumbai, don’t forget to visit Leaping Window as you can sit here on a bean bag and read good books about your superhero. You will also get a chance to enjoy delicious Nutella Stuffed Pancakes.

3. Prithvi Cafe

In a city of dreams like Mumbai, Prithvi Cafe is a place that everyone is crazy about. It is the most preferred venue for book enthusiasts as well as artists, struggling actors, well-known writers, filmmakers, and literary stalwarts. This cafe is built on an open lawn. Along with books, you can also enjoy Irish tea here. This cafe is just 2.6 km away from the airport.

4. Title Waves

‘Title Waves’ is a small cafe, also known as ‘Di Bella’. It is said that this is the first boutique book store in Mumbai. If you are visiting Mumbai, then definitely visit these boutique bookstores. Here you will find a serene environment with books where you can easily sit for hours and read a book.

5. Neighbourhood Book Cafe

This bookstore is very special, here you will get a chance to read books, sitting on bamboo chairs and sofas. Here you can read different types of books in peace. You will also get the chance to eat homemade cookies and brownies at the Neighborhood Book Cafe. So why not go to the Neighborhood Book Cafe and enjoy reading the book.

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