If You Are Also Planning to Visit in December, Then Explore These Places

If You Are Also Planning to Visit in December, Then Explore These Places

The month of December begins with cold winds. This is the month when we get to see many brilliant colors of winter winds. Also, it is quite cold in many places this month. That’s why many people make plans to travel in this month because there is a different fun to be had in this month. If you are planning a holiday in December, then today in this article we will tell you about some such special and wonderful places in India, where you can plan your December trip. These different parts of the country are known for their different beauty and culture. Somewhere you will get to see beautiful gardens, and somewhere you will get a chance to do sports activities.


Kutch is a historical city where many ancient places are present. You can plan to visit this place in the month of December. Because the weather of Kutch is quite good in the month of December. Apart from this, Kutch is also known for its ancient history. According to history, an island of Kutch named Kadir was found in the excavations of Harappa. Kutch was first ruled by the Rajputs of Sindh, then the city was ruled by the Mughals around the end of the 16th century. Then after the Mughals, Lakhpati Raja and the British also ruled for a long time. Therefore, along with roaming here, many historical places are also present. If you are interested in history, then definitely visit the places present in the Kutch district area.


Whenever you are planning to go on holiday, then surely hill places like Himachal, Uttarakhand, etc. must be included in your tourist list. Especially Himachal Pradesh, which does not like to roam in the plains here. But Himachal is huge, with a lot to explore and see. But the most popular tourist place in Himachal for tourists in Manali. Most of the tourists make plans to visit Manali during the holidays. If you are planning to party or hang out with your friends in December, then you can go to Manali. Because visiting Manali in this month has a different fun.


Goa always tops the list of places to visit in India. As soon as the name of Goa comes, a smile comes on the face of every youth. This small union territory is not only filled with many huts and pubs but it is also considered the best place to party in the country. In Goa, the month of December is marked by many end-of-the-year parties. Apart from this, you can also enjoy kayaking in Palolem. Also, you can take a banana boat ride in Vagator.


Shimla, this place is best in terms of natural beauty and sightseeing, which you must visit in the month of December. Let us tell you that here you will get to see natural beauty everywhere. That is why the place was also the winter capital during the British rule of India, the setting for many successful Indian films. The plethora of adventure activities and tourist places in and around Shimla make it one of the best places to visit in India. An interesting thing about Shimla is that it is crowded throughout the year. So plan to visit here, then book sidekicks in advance at the homestay.

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