If You Do These Mistakes During Indoor Plants, Then Your Plant Will Die

If You Do These Mistakes During Indoor Plants, Then Your Plant Will Die

In today’s time, everyone likes to do the planting. It is not necessary that you have a large garden area for this. People who have space problems often prefer to grow plants indoors. This not only fulfills their hobby of planting but also improves the oxygen level and air quality in the house. Not only this, but indoor plants are also an important part of home decor, so they are planted in many different ways inside the house.

Maybe you also love indoor planting and you take good care of plants indoors. But if after this your plants do not grow properly or they die soon, then you are bound to be worried. You may not know, but sometimes some of our small mistakes leave a big impact on the life of plants. Inadvertently right, but due to some mistakes, indoor plants suffer a lot, about which we are telling you in this article today-

1. Misplace the Plant

This is the very first mistake made during indoor planting. Usually, people think that if they are doing indoor planting, then they can keep the plants anywhere. but it’s not like that. Each plant has its own specific requirements and only after knowing them, do the planting. The main reason most indoor plants die is because of the wrong location.

Before you find a place for your plant, you should know what a plant needs. Some plants require shade, indirect light, or direct sunlight, while some require moisture. If a plant needs a higher level of moisture, place it in a shaded area. If this is not done, all the moisture in the soil will dry up, and this will certainly kill the plant.

2. Frequent Change of Location

After some time the plants start adjusting to the place where you keep them. But if they are changed frequently, it becomes difficult for them to adjust quickly to the different conditions of the new environment. Also, frequent moving the plants can harm the growth of houseplants. So, avoid doing this again and again.

3. Over-Watering

This is a common mistake made during container gardening. In particular, those who are new to planting find that giving the plant more water will keep it healthy and grow faster. However, it is not like that. Especially indoors, where the sun is scarce and there is no wind, the situation is different. It is a good idea to keep the plants slightly dry, but if the plant you are growing is a moisture-loving plant, keep the soil slightly moist. Usually indoors, watering plants only once a week is considered sufficient. You can check the soil every three days by pressing down on the soil with your fingers, this will let you know if your plants need water.

4. Not Cleaning the Leaves

Often people forget to clean the leaves during indoor planting. While doing so is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, it makes your plants more attractive. On the other hand, this makes your plant more healthy. Many types of pests that can harm your plants can be got rid of by simply cleaning the leaves.

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