If You Use Instant Pot for Cooking, Keep These Important Things in Mind

If You Use Instant Pot for Cooking, Keep These Important Things in Mind

Instant Pot is a type of electric pressure cooker, in which food is prepared in a minute. Nowadays it is used in most of the homes because apart from saving time, it also prepares the food in minutes. However, some things need to be taken care of while cooking in this Instant Pot. You must use it at home, but with the whole process. By doing this, you can use your it  for a long time.

With the passage of time, women are very much like to modernize their kitchen, but it is also very important to know how to use it. Therefore, whenever you use the Instant Pot for cooking, never do those things, which increase the chances of spoilage. There are many such small things when we should take special care of while cooking in instant. So let’s know about this-

Keep Track of Time

Time has to be set while cooking in the Instant Pot. Where your food is cooked and ready in a few minutes. For example, if you are boiling potatoes, it may take three to four minutes, but if you are boiling 5 potatoes at once, it may take a little longer. Keep in mind that you have to set the timekeeping in mind the amount of food. Do not rush while setting the time there. Apart from this, double-setting the cooking time can not only cause food loss, but this habit of yours can also spoil the instant pop.

Do Use Water

Whenever you cook something in the Instant Pot, use 2 cups of water with it. The water will create steam in the Instant Pot, then the cooking begins. Without the use of water, the food will not be ready for cooking. At the same time, do not pour excessive amounts of water into the Instant Pot, it can also spoil your food. Therefore, use water according to the quantity of food.

Don’t Put Anything in the Instant Pot Without a Liner

There is a liner inside the Instant Pot so that you do not have to increase the amount of food on top. Apart from this, there is also a steel pot inside the Instant Pot, without which you cannot cook. Many times women start cooking without her. This can cause food to leak out and cause the Instant Pot to spoil more quickly. So don’t cook without it in the Instant Pot.

Don’t Put the Instant Pot on the Stove

Instant Pot works as electric pressure. Which you cook through electricity. In such a situation, do not make the mistake of keeping it on a gas burner or induction stove. Actually, there is plastic underneath the Instant Pot, which can burn if placed on an induction stove or gas burner and then it will spoil immediately.

Understand the Function of the Instant Pot

Before cooking food in the Instant Pot, understand its function well. If you want slow function, then cook anything only after setting the time accordingly. Without understanding the function, cooking cannot be done in a perfect way. On the other hand, most things can be made with the Instant Pot, but take special care of what not to make.

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