Keep These 5 Things In Mind Before Planning Kedarnath Trekking

Keep These 5 Things In Mind Before Planning Kedarnath Trekking

Kedarnath is a place where people of all ages like to visit. This place not only holds religious importance, but the beauty of this place can fascinate anyone. Going to Kedarnath can give a supernatural experience in itself, but before planning here, I want to ask you just one question. Are you planning to go on a trek there?

People think that trekking here is very easy and in devotion, we should go by walking, but sometimes they forget the real problem. Kedarnath is situated at an altitude of 11,755 feet and it can cause breathing problems for many people. Kedarnath trek is very beautiful and difficult too.

Those who think that trekking to Kedarnath can be good for them should keep these things in mind-

1. Always Keep in Mind the Time-

Kedarnath Yatra starts from Gomukhi and takes 5 hours from there. These 5 hours to go and 5 hours to come may seem very easy, but as the height increases, so does the problem. There is difficulty in breathing, so always keep in mind the time-

  • Don’t try to walk too fast.
  • If it seems that the pulse rate is increasing, then you take a rest for a while.
  • Keep taking water and liquids.
  • Do not attempt to climb the Kedarnath trek on an absolutely hungry stomach or fast.
  • Start the trek by waking up early in the morning to reach the temple by noon and stay overnight and start the journey the next day morning.

2. If There Is a Problem of Breathing, Then Do Not Take the Risk-

Many people feel that they need to prove their devotion and hence they should go on foot. But it is not so, if you are feeling sick then do not go for a walk. If breathing is a problem, then do a horse or a helicopter. Instead of taking a horse from Sonprayag, a book from Gaurikund itself. Doing this will save you time. Breathing problem is common there, so take care of your health.

3. Do Not Forget to Carry the Necessary Items-

Not only the food items here, but other essential items are also necessary there. Above this only Airtel, BSNL, and Reliance Jio sim will work. It rains frequently, so carries a raincoat, non-slip shoes, flashlight, thick jacket, wind sheeter, and everyday medicines. Do not carry suitcases or heavy luggage because even if you own a horse, it will be difficult to carry. Carry both your travel card and Aadhar card.

Do not trek at night because there is a danger of wild animals coming there. If going to Kedarnath for the first time, then choose the option of safe trekking.

4. If You Do Not Want to Stay Overnight, Then Keep This in Mind-

Although the safe way would be to stay overnight, if you do not want to stay, keep in mind that you will be able to come back to Gaurikund only in the evening and in such a situation, getting a transfer from Gaurikund to Sonprayag or a room to spend the night It can be difficult to meet. In the season of the Kedarnath trek, 4000-5000 travelers come to Gaurikund and in such a situation, if you make arrangements in advance, it will be fine.

5. Keep in Mind the Budget and Comfort-

You also have to take care of budget and comfort. If you plan to go by something else than on foot, then all these modes of transport are available-

Doli – 8-10 thousand rupees charge (seasonal can also be 12000)

Horse – 5-7 thousand rupees

Helicopter – up to 7 thousand

All these charges will be round trip and how much is charged will depend on where you take it from. Most of the pilgrims book any means from Sonprayag and Gaurikund itself. While booking any mode, keep both your travel time and your budget in mind. All these things may prove necessary for you.

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