Keep These Things in Mind Before Buying Deodorant

Keep These Things in Mind Before Buying Deodorant

Everyone wants a good smell to come from him. Having a good scent not only makes oneself feel fresh but also feels confident. In such a situation, applying deo has become very common now. But, it is very important to keep some things in mind before buying deodorant. Because bad deo has a bad effect on both your skin and health. So let’s know that somehow you can choose a good deodorant for yourself.

Check Ingredients

When it comes to getting deodorant, most people only pick it up when they smell good. But, this is a very wrong approach. Before buying deodorant, check its ingredients. Many deodorants contain very harmful chemicals that can cause burning and itching of your skin. Know about your skin type first and then buy deodorant accordingly.

Apply Non-Alcoholic Deodorant

Deodorants are used to remove bad smells that come from the body due to bacterial growth. But, before taking deodorant, make sure that it should be non-alcoholic. Many deodorants contain an aluminum compound. It is not good for the skin. Such deodorants make the skin dry (these 3 steps get rid of dry skin in minutes). Especially by applying such deodorants on the underarms, it becomes an infection.

Test Before Taking

Almost all deo contain 6-15 percent fragrance oil and 80 percent alcohol. But good brand deodorants contain 15 to 25 percent fragrance oil. If you use chip deodorant, you may have a lichenoid reaction, patchy pigmentation, and breathing problems. Therefore, whenever you take a deodorant, first try spraying it on the underarms. Buy deodorant only if you do not have a headache after spraying and there is no itching in the underarms.

What Is Your Need

If you sweat a lot, then no matter how good you buy deo, it will not work for you because you should use antiperspirant if you sweat excessively. This will make you sweat less. If you do not sweat a lot, then you can use deodorant.

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