Keep These Things in Mind While Wearing Flats, the Height Will Look Long

Keep These Things in Mind While Wearing Flats, the Height Will Look Long

In today’s time, there is no dearth of options in footwear for women. But when it comes to selecting the best footwear, it can be a bit tricky. Generally, women want to wear footwear that is stylish as well as super comfortable. While heels give you a feminine and stylish look, not many women feel comfortable wearing them. At the same time, some women wear them, but after carrying them for a long time, the problem of pain in the feet starts. In this situation, wearing flats is the best option. Where on the one hand flats are quite comfortable and they can be easily carried for a long time in daily wear. But at the same time, there is a problem with them that the height of your feet is not visible in them and therefore women of short height avoid them. However, if you want to make your height appear taller even after wearing flats, then you can adopt some tips for this. About which we are telling you today in this article-

Expose the Feet

If you want to make your legs look taller in flats then this is an easy but effective way. You should choose flats that expose most of your feet. Remember that if your feet are more visible with flats, your legs will look longer. Whether you’re wearing ballerinas or flat sandals, try not to cover your feet completely.

Pair With Shorts and Skirt

Although flats can be paired very easily with any outfit, you should choose outfits in your bottom wear that do not completely cover your feet. For example, you can wear flats with shorts or skirts. Also, you should wear clothes that are above the knee in bottom wear, to create the illusion of slimmer and longer legs. Wear gladiators, plimsoles, or even firm-soled sneakers with these short outfits. It not only makes you look taller and slimmer but also enhances your style.

When to Wear With Jeans

If you want to pair flats with jeans, then you should keep some things in mind. For example, when you wear skinny jeans, look for flats that are sleek and feminine. If you want to look tall then avoid heavy and bulky shoes. Instead, choose pointed flats or sandals. Wearing a nude pointed ballerina is definitely a good option, it makes you look taller in your skinny jeans.

Say No to Ankle Straps

When you are wearing flats, you must also look at what her style is like. For example, if you are short in height and you wear flats that have ankle straps, it will make your legs look smaller. Ankle straps cut across your ankles, making the width of your feet more visible. Boots with minimal straps and buckles look best on short-height girls. Therefore, it is equally important to select the right flats before wearing flats.

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