Know the difference between a CC, HP, and Torque in Bike

Know the difference between a CC, HP, and Torque in Bike

Is more CC in Bike have more power? Not so much, many people know the difference between
a cc, hp, or hp and torque in the bike, but at the same time, some are wondering what the connection is. This is what makes them very different.

First, let’s straighten one thing. Just because you have a lot of CC in Bike doesn’t mean you have more power. Do you think I’m crazy? Next, I will explain it. The 1670cc Yamaha MT01 will be about 90 hp, while the 1679cc Yamaha VMAX will be 200hp, similar to the 998cc Yamaha R1. interesting? It’s not age or skill. Well, it’s about technology, but not as much about its development as it is about basic physics.

“CC” or cubic centimeter is just a measure of capacity. Also, since 1 cc = 1 ml, 1,000 ccm is 1 liter. “Cc” indicates the volume of cylinders multiplied by the number of cylinders, if applicable. Think of a cylinder as a container. The 2-liter capacity fits in a flat pot or a tall soft drink bottle. The liquid takes the form of a container in which it is placed, without affecting its properties. right? understood.

The engine cylinder is a similar “container”. They can be wide or short, narrow and deep. The former is known as an oversquare engine, commonly referred to as a big bore or short stroke, and the latter is an undersquare engine or long stroke. The big-bore engine has a larger diameter piston that moves up and down at higher speeds. The RPM is higher because the distance traveled is shorter and the RPM is higher than the torque, which improves performance. Conversely, a long-stroke engine has a relatively narrow piston that moves vertically in one direction in the same amount of time as a large bore. This inevitably leads to higher torque at lower speeds. Now let’s get back to the example.

The Yamaha MT01 is equipped with a 1,670cc engine. This is two cylinders, each with a displacement of 835ccm. With a bore of 97 mm in diameter and a stroke length of 113 mm, the 97 mm wide piston moves up and down 113 mm, completing two strokes with the remaining two strokes. It produced 90hp at 4,750rpm and 150Nm at 3,750rpm.

The Yamaha VMAX is equipped with a 1,679 cc engine with four cylinders, each of which exhausts approximately 420 CC. Here, the width of the bore is 90mm and the stroke is 66mm. The distance traveled by the four (7mm narrower) pistons is one-1.7th, which makes the crankshaft rotate faster (even faster). 200hp is available at 9,000rpm, which is a whopping 166.8Nm at 6,500rpm.
It can be said that the torque of VMAX is higher than the torque of MT01. Of course, it is. However, that is because the high-revving engine not only brings more than twice the power of the MT01 but also torque due to the nature of the engine. This is a V4, not an in-line 4-cylinder. Like the compression ratio and ignition map used (how much fuel is injected at what rpm and some conditions dominate it), the layout also makes a difference, but they are different days. It’s a story.

Here is the physics: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be converted. The potential energy of the fuel is converted into thermal energy when the spark plug ignites, and the thermal energy and the resulting pressure push the piston to generate physical energy in the form of linear motion. Linear motion is converted to rotational motion with the help of a crankshaft that rotates at high speeds (rotations per minute or rpm). The crankshaft sends torque through the clutch and gearbox, decelerates it, and transmits it to the rear wheels.

Conclusion: Increasing CC in Bike does not increase power. Technically, a 1,000cc bike outperforms a 100cc bike. However, a 400cc short-stroke can produce more power than a 600cc long stroke. This depends on the dimensions of the engine, the purpose of the bike (touring, off-road, cruising), and the tuning conditions of the engine.

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