Know These 4 Reasons for Not Sleeping Well at Night

Know These 4 Reasons for Not Sleeping Well at Night

Working late at night can help you meet work deadlines. But it can have a bad effect on everything from your skin and hair to your mental health. Sleeping reduces inflammation in our body and it also produces cytokines that signal proteins that tell our immune system how to work.

These inflammatory markers are not well-formed when you are lacking sleep. A good night’s sleep is important for boosting immunity and energy and maintaining memory. But even though you may be determined to lose sleep for your work. There are many other reasons that can mess with the quality of your sleep.

Yes, not only have the sleep cycle changed during the pandemic. But hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, and lifestyle diseases like diabetes can also disrupt your sleep.

Did you know that our body has an internal clock called the circadian rhythm and it is conditioned to behave and act according to the schedule we follow? This circadian rhythm is influenced by various factors such as hormones, light, and darkness, which is why it also affects our sleep-wake cycle. This article explains what factors can affect your sleep and why you need to fix it.

Wrong Working Hours

If you think that you can survive with only five hours of sleeping and use every possible minute of the day to complete your work, then you are very wrong. We wake up late, which causes a reverse melatonin and cortisol ribbon. When we are active and working our body releases cortisol, adrenaline, and other hormones.

When you wake up late, this cycle reverses, because the body releases cortisol when you’re working at night, as well as melatonin when you try to sleep but by then it’s the day. This ultimately lowers the quality of sleep and you sleep for fewer hours.

Eating Before Bed

If you like to drink coffee after your dinner, chances are it’s disturbing your sleep. Caffeine being a stimulant will keep you awake even when it is time to sleep.

Eating a few hours before bed also causes acid reflux and affects your sleep. Also, drinking alcohol causes dehydration and makes you sleepy. If you work out at night, don’t take pre-and post-workout supplements as many of them contain stimulants like caffeine.


Insulin controls the level of blood sugar. When someone has insulin resistance, our body cannot use the insulin used by beta cells to control blood sugar.

Diabetic patients often suffer from polyuria due to which you have frequent urge to urinate and cannot sleep on it. Insulin sensitivity also lowers blood sugar levels, which means you may feel hungry in the middle of the night and wake up to eat. It also affects ghrelin or our hunger hormone, and if you eat low GI food, it won’t keep you full for long.


When you sleeping late and wake up late, you are not getting enough vitamin D which affects your sleep. Vitamin D deficiency also leads to depression, which again affects the quality of sleeping.

One of the first signs of depression is when you want to sleep during the day. Anxiety and depression negatively affect the quality of our sleep and anxiety especially make many people sleepless during this time. In addition, problems such as migraines, gout, and arthritis also cause pain, affecting the sleep cycle, as does sleep apnea, which awakens due to difficulty in breathing.

What Should You Do in Such Cases?

  • Make it a habit to wake up at a certain time and voluntarily force yourself to go to sleep on time and within a couple of weeks, your rhythm will be fine.
  • Put your phone aside as the screen light will affect your sleep schedule and create a feel-good placebo environment.

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