Learn How to Change the Guitar Strings

Learn How to Change the Guitar Strings


It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in playing the guitar. But you should learn, how to change the guitar strings. As it’s a very helpful skill. You are playing the guitar, it’s a necessity to learn to restring your instrument. But here’s why to change the guitar’s strings.

Why change the acoustic guitar strings

Here are a couple of reasons why should change the acoustic guitar strings. The strings may be looking dirty. If yes, don’t wait for a better time, just change the strings. Maybe they are looking very dull, one of them is broken, or maybe they are looking very loose.

If they are dirty or dull, or strings are very loose change the whole set of strings. But one of them is broken you can change the single string or whole set according to your choice.

Materials we need

  • String Winder wire
  •  String Clippers
  • New set of strings

How to change the strings of the guitar

For acoustic guitars, if you are going to change the whole set of strings. You need to remove all the string wires but not at one time. Remove the wires in pairs. Like, remove the first pair of wires and two back on this. In this, we will keep some of the tension on the top of the guitar.

But if you are going to change the only one broken wire, and you want to change the single one. Only remove that one wire and keep the new one on the guitar.

How to remove the strings-

Take your string winder first and start with Low E String loosen the tension on that one and the second one so you will see the two wires will loosen up. now take string clippers and clip those two strings above the sound-hole. This is how you can unwind the string wire from the peg make one side and just pull off the wire. Wind those wires up for easy disposal.

Now you will find a little cutout on the bridge that will use to pry up the post from the bridge. With the help of a winder pop up those two strings.

How to keep up the wires on guitar-

Take a new set of strings of your favorite brand. Now start with the low E string which is the brass or gold ball end here take the bridge pin and you will see a cutout on the bridge pin that corresponds with the string when it’s inside the bridge. so, what you have to do is put the string first, and then be sure to put the pin in with the cutout facing the string. Just press it well and pull up on the slack.

Now, take the next string which will be the candy apple or the red ball end, and repeat the process.

Next, you have to attach the strings to the machine heads. Start with low E string here and attach that to the machine heads and be careful on your end pins. You also need to pop up back just need to push them back when it comes time to detach the string to the peg. You will have to pre-cut the string and measure up the distance of one and a half-machine head this will give the proper length to you and the proper windings on the machine head.

Also, remember that most acoustics have three turners on the left and three on the right. Thread the string through the peg from the center or the middle of the headstock and them in the same way. Start through the hole it gonna leave just a little bit hanging out the other’s side and it’s gonna pull it down. start from the top and end on the bottom of the peg and tie it with the help of a string winder.

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