List Your AC Repairing Services on OVX India and Get More Clients

List Your AC Repairing Services on OVX India and Get More Clients

The Summers Bring Business for You

The summer season in India feels more like we are living inside a furnace. The temperature reaches more than 40 degrees. Under such conditions, people resort to buying air conditioners. This means that summer is the most beneficial time for your business. It is because more and more people will buy ACs and every one of them will need repair services at one point in time or another.

In other words, the summer season is the time when people need AC Repairing Services. More and more people need your services not only for repairs but also for the servicing of the AC. No matters what the case is, the summer is the time for you to get in action mode and double up your earnings.

Are You Not Getting Enough Clients Already?

The summers usually begin after the festival of Holi. However, the demand for AC repairing begins much before that. You should be getting customer queries and calls by now. If you are not getting calls by now then a large number of customers do not know about your services yet. It is high time that you should let your customers know about your business.

List Your Service on OVX India

OVX India is a fresh platform that helps service providers, like you, to reach a wider population in their city. It is the best option that you have to let every person in your city know about your AC Repairing services. You will have to follow these simple steps if you wish to get more clients:

  • Log on to our website at
  • Click on the “Sign up” button to create your account
  • A new page will appear. Fill out the details like your name, contact number, address, etc. and click on the “sign up” button (You may also create the account by the name of your business)
  • Now, you can easily create a listing and post it on our website

How to Create an Impactful Listing?

To beat the competition and to stand out from the rest of the listings on our website, you will have to add that special touch to your listing. Here are a few steps that you should follow if you wish to stand out.


You should write a description in a manner that covers all the aspects of the AC repair services. This means that you must describe all the services you offer, what you do in every service, what is the benefit of each service, and how much do you charge for each one of them. Apart from these details, you may also write about your experience and how many ACs you have repaired so far.

The Address and Contact Number

You must clearly mention your address and contact numbers in the description area. This helps the buyers reach out to you without wasting time. While typing your address, make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Double-check all the contact numbers you are mentioning. This is an important detail that will make a lot of difference.

Real Images of Your Work

You must upload the original images of your work and avoid uploading pictures from the internet. This makes the users trust you and know how diligently you work. In addition, you can also upload pictures of your shop and all the machinery you use to repair ACs.

If you choose the alternative of uploading pictures from the internet, it will not only reduce the trust factor of the buyers but it will also reduce the chances of you being hired.

These are some basic tips that will help you create an impactful listing for our platform. Don’t waste another minute and log on to our website and list your AC repairing service before your competitors grab the attention of all the customers. All the best!

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