List Your Services on OVX India to Work as a Tutor

List Your Services on OVX India to Work as a Tutor

This article is all about the youth of India that is struggling to make extra income by working as a tutor. The work of a tutor is not easy. We are going to discuss all the problems you encounter as a tutor, their solutions, and there will be some bonus tips for you as well. Let us begin.

The Problems You Face as a Tutor

There are many problems that a tutor faces. For example, you might get a student who lives far away from your location or the parents could give you a hard time. However, these problems are not as big as finding a teaching job near you. The thing that frustrates you, even more, is the fact that you know that almost every parent needs a tutor these days and still you can’t get even a few of them.

Apart from these factors, you have a few expenses that you need to take care of but you hardly have the money. You are always ready to work but your only problem is that there is not enough work for you. The worse is the case when you get a call but the class of the student is not suitable for you. Is it true or is it true?

Well, this is a major problem that is affecting all the youngsters in the country. The basic problem is that they could not get the platform to advertise their services as a tutor. This is where we come in.

The Solution We Offer

OVX India is a platform that offers the opportunity to all the individuals and businesses to advertise the products and services to a larger online market for free. Our solution for tutors is simple. As you already know that lots and lots of parents already use OVX India and you will easily get noticed by these parents if you list your services on our website. In short, list yourself as a tuition teacher and get in touch with lots of parents. Negotiate your terms and start earning. Simple as that!

How to Create an Impactful Listing for a Tutor

It is quite easy to create listings when you are selling something. However, when you are listing your service as a tuition teacher, you have to make sure that there are no mistakes in your listing. Here are a few tips for you to make sure that your listing is 100% correct and very impactful.

The Title

Write a title that could grab the attention of the parents. The best way to do it is to add a few details in the title itself. Let us try and understand it better with the help of these 3 examples:

  1. Tutor for Hire
  2. “Tutor for Hire at Just Rs. 1,500 per month”
  3. “Tutor with a Proven Record of Improved Results at Just Rs. 1,500 per month”

The first title seems vague and not many parents will click on it. The second example says that you can get a tutor for just Rs 1,500 per month so a few people will want to look at the details. In the third example, a lot of details about the tutor are mentioned and all the parents will be compelled to click on the link. Therefore, it is advised to write a descriptive title.


In the description, you should write about your qualifications and past experiences. Apart from these details, you should also describe how you are going to teach or what your priorities are as a tutor. These details will build the trust factor among the parents and improve your chances of being hired. To check the mistakes in your description, you may use online tools like ‘Grammarly’ etc.


Well, a good listing is incomplete without pictures because a gig with pictures ranks better. You can add one picture of yourself in a confident and smiling pose. Avoid using the pictures which you think look cool. Try and go for a professional look instead. You may also include pictures of the report cards of your previous students.

These are the only things that you need to know to place an impactful gig on OVX India. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to our website at and start a new chapter in your tutoring experience.

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