List Your Tiffin Services on OVX India and Boost Your Business

List Your Tiffin Services on OVX India and Boost Your Business

Whenever a person starts a business, he/she wishes to earn the maximum profits. Earning profits is easy and it requires a mix of only a few things. The first is that the demands must be more than the supply. Second is that more and more people should be aware of your business. When it comes to tiffin services in cities, the demands are always more than the supply. However, letting people know about your business could be a difficult task and this is where we come in.

OVX India can Solve This Problem

There are a lot of people who log on to our website every day. This includes both buyers and sellers. In the case of tiffin services, the sellers, as well as the buyers, could be your customers. If you list your tiffin services on OVX India, all these people could see your listing. Lots and lots of people will be able to know about your business.

This means that the problem of awareness will be solved once and for all. The best part is that you do not have to pay even a single rupee for all this free advertising. As more and more people will know about your business, the orders will also increase. This means your earnings and profits will also increase in no time.

How to Register Yourself as a Seller on OVX India?

The road to success through us is very simple and easy. Our interface is user-friendly and the registration process is as simple as it can be. For your convenience, the steps to register yourself as the buyer or the seller are the same. Let us have a look at all the steps that you have to follow in order to complete the registration process:

  • First of all, log on to our website at
  • Locate the ‘Sign up’ button and click on it
  • Fill out your details like name, email address, mobile number and also fill out a password that you can remember

That is all. You are good to go. Yes, only these 3 simple steps will set you on a journey to earn maximum profits. Once you are done, all you have to do is to create an impactful and enticing listing for your tiffin service.

How to Create an Alluring Listing?

There is no doubt that your food is tasty but your listing should be equally good if you want to grow your business. You may follow these simple tricks to create a listing that attracts a lot of people:

Pictures are the Key

The pictures you upload on your listing are the most important aspect of your listing. There are certain rules that you must follow while uploading pictures. They are mentioned below:

  • The pictures must not be downloaded from the internet.
  • The pictures should show the food you actually send in the tiffin box.
  • There should be a picture of the tiffin box as well.
  • Try to click pictures in bright light and make sure that the area around the food is neat and clean.

Title must have Details

The key details of your service must be mentioned in the title itself. Let us understand this with the help of three examples and their impact on the users:

  1. Tiffin Service
  2. Get a Tiffin Daily for just Rs. 5,000 per month
  3. Get Tasty, Hygienic, and Vegetarian Tiffin Daily for Rs. 5,000 per month only.

The first example simply says, “Tiffin Service”. The chances of people clicking on the link in this case highly depend on the picture because the title seems vague.

In the second example, the title mentions that it is a ‘daily’ service and the price is also given. More people will click on this title as compared to the first one.

In the third example, a lot of information about the tiffin service is provided in the title. The title tells the users that the food is tasty, hygienic, and vegetarian and the amount is just Rs. 5,000. Now, among these three titles, all the users will click on the third title but the same is not the case with the first and second titles.

Mention Meals and Timings in the Description

Make sure that you tell the customers about the meals you will send on a weekly basis. Also, mention the timings of the arrival of the meals. This helps your customers make an informed choice.

We hope that these tips will help you grow your business. Log on today and create an impactful listing. All the best for your promising venture!


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