Looking For Mehndi Artists? OVX India Will Help You Find the Best Ones

Looking For Mehndi Artists? OVX India Will Help You Find the Best Ones

Henna, popularly known as mehndi in India, is an integral part of the Indian culture and tradition. Women apply beautiful henna designs on their hands during auspicious occasions and festivals because it is believed that the red color of henna brings good luck and happiness. There are different designs of henna and each design has its own significance.

The Different Types of Henna Designs

The henna designs mainly depend on the occasion. The peacock design is considered luckier during the month of Saavan, whereas the designs suitable for a bride are different. There are a lot of henna designs like:

  • Arabic design
  • Full-hand mehndi design
  • Peacock design
  • Flower design
  • Bride and groom design
  • Palki design
  • Dhol design
  • Contemporary design
  • Modern design
  • Block mehndi design
  • Circle design
  • Name design
  • And many more

What is more interesting is that these designs have various sub-categories. The ‘Arabic design’ itself includes more than a hundred sub-categories. Most of us do not even know how to hold a mehndi cone, let alone all this knowledge about the mehndi designs.

The Mehndi Artists

The mehndi artists, on the other hand, are professionals who know which design is more beneficial for the occasion and which is not so lucky. For example, during an engagement, the floral designs are better but during a wedding, the ‘Bride and Groom’, the ‘Palki’, and the ‘Dhol’ designs are more suitable.

It is worth noting that the demand for mehndi artists arises only during the festivals or wedding season. This has led to a decline in the number of mehndi artists because they go out of business during the off-season. Many artists started some other business and quit working as a mehndi artist forever.

Where to Find Mehndi Artists?

Mehndi artists are hard to find nowadays, especially when during the peak season. OVX India recognized this problem very early and therefore we contacted many mehndi artists through various means and asked them to list their services. You will find mehndi artists on OVX India’s website.

At present, there are many mehndi artists who are listed on our website. All of these people are very efficient and popular for their amazing designs. Their fine designs are intricate and detailed. The designs look so beautiful once they dry that people will keep asking you about the artist.

What Should I Do to Hire a Mehndi Artist?

OVX India has now made it very easy for you to hire an expert mehndi artist in just a few clicks. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • The first step is to log on to our website at ovxindia.co
  • Once the website opens on your screen, locate the search box and type “mehndi artist”.
  • A list will appear on your screen. Go through all the pictures and compare the prices.
  • Shortlist a few artists on the basis of their designs. Choose one who satisfies you from every aspect.
  • Once you choose a mehndi artist, contact him/her through chat or call. Discuss the requirements and fix an appointment.

Why OVX India?

You might think that why you should search for mehndi artists on OVX India. We will give you three reasons:

  • The mehndi artists on our website are genuine and highly skilled in their work.
  • The artists on our website are professionals and they apply amazing mehndi designs at comparatively low prices.
  • The mehndi artists on our website are verified and this ensures that you will get the services you paid for.

You might not always need someone to apply mehndi on your hands but you can always log on to our website whenever you need a professional mehndi artist. In case, you know the art of applying mehndi, register yourself as a mehndi artist and start earning money.


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