Register Your Tiles Store on OVX India and Get More Buyers

Register Your Tiles Store on OVX India and Get More Buyers

The business of tiles and marble is quite challenging as there is no constant income. You get to make good profits only when you get big orders. Otherwise, the earnings do not match the expectations. However, to get more clients, you will have to think out of the box and use new methods along with the traditional methods for getting more customers.

We are suggesting you to go all in and try the power of the internet to boost the sale of tiles and other items that you have to sell. There are many platforms on the internet that could help you popularize your business but just popularity could never be enough. You also need clients and this is why we are suggesting you to register your store on OVX India.

OVX India

OVX India is a platform that brings buyers and sellers together. You may list your store on our website and various people looking for tiles and related materials will come across your listing. If they like your listing, they will definitely visit your store. This way, you will market your products directly to the buyers.

Why OVX India?

There are a lot of people who log on to our website every day. This includes both buyers and sellers. In the case of tiles and similar supplies, the sellers, as well as the buyers, could be your customers. If you list your tiles and marble store on OVX India, all these people could see your listing. Lots and lots of people will be able to know about your business.

How Much Do We Charge?

Our services are totally free of cost and we do not charge even a single rupee to connect you with your prospective buyers. However, if you wish to run an advertisement of your services or promote your listing on our platform, only then you will have to pay a nominal fee, which you can totally avoid.

In fact, we do not encourage you to promote your listing until it does not get any attention for three or more days straight. Why waste money when you are already getting traffic for free. Additionally, your gigs will be noticed even when you do not promote them. You can easily get a lot of clients without even spending a single rupee.

How to Register Yourself as a Seller on OVX India?

The road to success through us is pretty simple, smooth, and easy. Our interface is user-friendly and the registration process is as simple as it can be. For your convenience, the steps to register yourself as the buyer or the seller are the same. Let us have a look at all the steps that you have to follow in order to complete the registration process:

  • First of all, log on to our website at
  • Locate the ‘Sign up’ button and click on it
  • Fill out your details like name, email address, mobile number and also fill out a password that you can remember

That is all. You are good to go. Yes, only these 3 simple steps will set you on a journey to earn maximum profits. Once you are done, all you have to do is to create an impactful and enticing listing for your tiles business.

Upload Images Showing Different Samples and Designs

Will you visit a store without actually seeing some samples and designs when a lot of stores have provided samples on our site?

Then, how could you expect someone else to do it? The customers have become smart and they do not wish to waste their time. This is why we suggest you always upload pictures.

Try and upload good quality pictures taken in proper lighting conditions that show some of your best samples in the best possible manner. Take pictures of different designs, textures, etc. It is your business and you know what features you have to highlight.

Consider the pictures as a medium to showcase all that you have in the store. In addition, you can also record short video clips to show all the things that you have to offer. The videos build trust among the buyers and convince them easily to visit your store.

Do you still need more convincing? Log on to our website at before all your competitors to get the first mover’s advantage. We wish you all the best!

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