RO Water is Dangerous for Your Health: Switch to Mineral Water

RO Water is Dangerous for Your Health: Switch to Mineral Water

Do you have an RO in your house? Are you drinking RO water on a regular basis?

If your answer to the above questions is a clear “Yes”, this article is definitely for you. If you do not drink RO water and prefer to have tap water or use some purifier, you should not skip this article.

The people drinking RO, tap, or purified water are somehow playing with their health and those of their families. Let us discuss the problems that people face when they drink any of these types of water on a regular basis.

The Problem with RO Water

Do you know that RO water does more harm than good? Yes, this is absolutely true and it has been proven through various researches that consuming it on a daily basis has adverse effects on people’s health. When the water goes through the RO purifier, it is purified so many times that the process eliminates all the essential minerals from the water along with the impurities. This is why the RO water is also called dead water.

If we consume this water on a regular basis, our body will not get the necessary minerals that it should get from water. This will cause many health problems and our immunity will also decrease. Once our immune system becomes weak, we will be prone to several diseases because our body will not be able to recover itself.

The Problem with Tap Water

It is the biggest culprit because it has a lot of dissolved and undissolved impurities and many pollutants as well. There are high chances that there are several bacteria and other microscopic organisms in it and you might even find body or parts of small organisms (living or dead) in it.

This water is highly harmful and consuming it on a daily basis might give you several diseases. This water usually comes from the rivers or lakes where people and factories dump most of their wastes. Though this water is supplied after it is treated but that treatment is not always efficient to remove contamination of such high levels. Consuming this water could even result in a slow and painful death.

The Problem with Purified Water

Purified water seems like a better option but the problem is that almost every purifier in India is incapable of removing dissolved toxins from the water. This means that you are drinking a little better version of the extremely toxic tap water.

What is the Solution?

The solution is to switch to mineral water. Now, many would argue that it is very costly and they can’t afford to spend Rs. 15 or more for just one litre of water. Well, if you wish to consume mineral water on a regular basis, you may purchase it for as low as Rs. 4 per litre.

This water is free from all the harmful elements like bacteria, living or dead organisms, dissolved toxic waste or other impurities. However, it has all the necessary minerals required by a human body. Thus, it not only saves our body from any harm but it also helps in maintaining our health.

Where to Get it From?

There are many suppliers that offer door to door delivery of mineral water. However, finding them in your city might not be a piece of cake and why should you get out of your house when you can get it from the comfort of your home. Simply, log on to the website of OVX India through and search for “mineral water suppliers”. You will get a long list of suppliers near you.

You may choose any supplier you want and you may ask all your queries on call or via chat. Strike a deal and get mineral water delivered in your house. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience.

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