5 Great Tips for Selling a Used Car Online

5 Great Tips for Selling a Used Car Online

Selling a used car is the best way to free up space for the new car you want to buy. And to earn some money. Vehicles are our best asset. But it is somehow difficult to convince the buyer that the car is worth their money. So, to ensure that you sell your car without any hitches. Here, are 5 great tips for, How to sell used car in India-

Tips to Sell Used Car Online:

Cleaning the car:

You can get a good deal when your car is in good condition. People always want to spend money when they feel like they are spic and span. Check your car parts for repair or any service. You can follow this 1st step for, How to sell used car in India. Clean the car properly from inside and outside. Make sure your car is nicely clean and smells nice when buyers looking it for buying.

Listing it properly:

To attract maximum buyers, ensure that you have listed the car properly online and provided all the necessary information. Upload a minimum of four high-resolution pictures from different angles showcasing both the exterior and interior of the car. Indicate the car ownership duration and relevant information such as vehicle certification, insurance type, and the total number of owners of the car. Describe all the parts of cars and how it’s working.

Insurance, transfer, and certification costs:

If the car has active insurance then you should get it transferred to the buyer. If the car has no insurance or if the insurance has expired then do state the same to the buyer. Do keep in mind that Indian law prevents a car from being driven on Indian roads without valid insurance. The car ownership can be transferred at a minimal cost and your local RTO can assist you through the same. Do keep in mind that your car needs to have all the certifications in place to command a good price – the primary of which is a NOC from your local pollution control board.

Pricing it right:

While selling your car, research adequately across car dealers and online platforms to arrive at the right price. Look for similar listings and make a note of the pricing. This will allow you to get a minimum, maximum, and average price for your car. You could always quote a higher price for your car and gradually arrive at a reasonable price depending on your bargaining prowess. When bargaining with buyers, justify correctly the value given the condition of the car.

Safety tips to keep in mind:

When the buyer comes to inspect the car insist on meeting at a public place and not an isolated place or at your home. . When you take the payment from the buyer ensure that it is in cash or digital means and not as a post-dated cheque. If you accept a cheque then only transfer the documents after having cleared the amount.

How Can Getezo Help?

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