Sell Your Old Washing Machine on OVX India and Earn Money

Sell Your Old Washing Machine on OVX India and Earn Money

Are you moving to a new location? Do you wish to upgrade your washing machine? Do you think you do not need a washing machine in summers and prefer to have money? Do you need money? Do you need to free up space?

Who will Purchase?

There could be any of the countless reasons for selling your used washing machine. However, the main question is that who would like to purchase that used washing machine of yours. You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of people near you who just can’t afford a new washing machine. It is they who will happily purchase your machine.

How to Get in Touch with Them?

You can easily connect with those buyers through the platform of OVX India. When you will list your washing machine on our website or application, all the people looking for a washing machine in your area will definitely see your listing. This means that you will be able to sell it within a few hours of posting a listing.

Why OVX India?

Well, there are many reasons that you should list your washing machine on OVX India for. Let us have a look at a few of them:

  • It is easy to create an account and post a listing on our platform. Just clicking a few pictures will do the trick.
  • If you post a listing properly on OVX India, there are high chances that your gig will rank on top. The reason is that our platform is relatively newer and there are not too many sellers of used washing machines yet. So, your listing might even rank on top.
  • The number of people looking for used washing machines is higher than the number of sellers. This means that you will surely get a buyer and you can even get a good price for your machine.
  • A lot of buyers will click on your listing and will see your washing machine because your listing will be visible to all. This will help you sell faster.
  • There are a lot of genuine buyers which means that the chances of getting fake calls and messages would be really low.
  • In case you are facing any technical or other issues, you may always contact our support and discuss the issue. Your issue will be resolved instantly.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits of creating an account on OVX India, there are several other benefits. You will know them once you start using our platform.

A Few Tips to Create a Perfect Listing for Your Washing Machine

If you wish to sell a washing machine faster, you should follow these tips to create an attractive listing:

Click Great Pictures

You must remember one thing in mind that the photos must have the capability to attract buyers and to show every detail of your machine to avoid problems later. You must click the pictures from these angles:

  • The front angle
  • The top angle
  • The right and left angle
  • The picture showing the interior of the machine
  • The picture showing the buttons and detergent compartments
  • The picture showing the pipes
  • The back angle

Write a Catchy Title

Your title must contain a few details of your washing machine like the brand, color, type (fully automatic or not), price, how old it is, etc. For example:

“Get a 1-year-old Blue Whirlpool semi-automatic Washing Machine for Just Rs. 4,000”

This example tells all that the customer needs to know while looking for a washing machine. This saves the time of the buyers and they can decide instantly whether they want to look at the details or not.

Give a Detailed Description

Your description must contain all the details (big and small) about the machine. You must not only mention the details like power consumption in different modes, speed, weight capacity, height, length, weight, market price, etc. but you must also elaborate on the details that you have already mentioned in the title.

If you do not know too many technicalities, you may always search on the internet and they copy and paste them in your description.

These tricks will help you sell instantly and without any problems. So, use all this knowledge and get rid of your washing machine today.



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