The 7 Most Popular Sports in India

The 7 Most Popular Sports in India

Sports have been very popular among the people of India. They idealize exceptional players, learn from them and later strive to excel in the field of sports. Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport. But in such a large and populated country there are many other sports that are famous among people. Sports is also a great career option, the reason being that people associated with it get the privilege of staying healthy and fit along with earning a lot of money.

Sports is also a great career option, as people associated with it get the privilege of earning a lot of money along with staying healthy and fit.

So here we look at the 7 most popular sports in India:


We can’t start the list with India’s favorite cricket. Cricket is loved all over the country, and you can find it played casually from small groups in schools to international Test games played professionally against some of the world’s greatest cricket players. India has also produced some of the best cricketers around the world and is one of the legends of the World Cup.


Badminton is considered to be the second most played sport in India. The Badminton Association of India is the official body for badminton in India. The reason for the popularity of this sport in India is less no. of the equipment and players needed to play the game.


Kabaddi is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports present in India. Its origin is also believed to be in India. Indian people love this contact sport very much.


Field hockey is considered an unofficial national sport of India. This game is very famous in India for a long time and India has given many legends to this game. Like IPL, a league named Premier Hockey League started in India.


Tennis is mostly played in the urban parts of the country and is generally referred to as an elite sport. Although it is quite popular in India. Indian tennis has been served by many great players.


While it is one of the most popular sports across the world, football is the second most popular sport in India. Like cricket, football is loved by Indians, and you will often see football matches aired on TV, be it Indian sports or international ones. By taking a look at the football odds on popular betting sites in India, you can also see how the games are progressing.


One of the major reasons for boxing’s popularity in India is MC Mary Kom, who has won 6 World Championships, Bronze in the Olympics, and Gold in Asian and Commonwealth Games.

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