The Myths about Gym and the Real Benefits of Joining a Gym

The Myths about Gym and the Real Benefits of Joining a Gym

The concept of the gym was not known in India until the past few decades. With the introduction of the gym, it became a hot topic and people began talking about it. They talked about the good and bad, the things they knew and the things they didn’t. In fact, many people spoke things that they knew nothing about just to be a part of the conversation and appear knowledgeable.

All this pep talk led to a lot of confusion and the creation of many myths regarding gym exercises and different equipment. The sad part is that many of those myths are still supposed to be true by many of us. We still believe in all the myths created by those talkative people who knew nothing better. In this article, we are going to bust those myths and discuss the benefits of the gym. Let us begin:

Myth 1

Going to a gym is harmful to your body in the long run. Yoga and aerobics are better options.


A gym is a form of physical training in which you exercise using various tools and equipment. These tools make exercising easy and the process of achieving a particular goal becomes much faster as compared to other forms of physical exercise.

As far as the harm by the gym is concerned, you may rest assured because there are no harmful effects of gyming on your body. The only two differences between the gym and other physical training methods are that there are certain changes in the diet and the goals are achieved in a short span of time.

Myth 2

Once you join a gym, you can’t leave it otherwise your body will malfunction.


Many scientists and doctors have proven it over and over again that when a person quits exercising after following a strict fitness regime, the body develops a lot of problems. These problems include high or low blood pressure, weakening of muscles and bones, fatigue, low endurance, fat, and many more. This case applies to all forms of physical exercise, including sports, yoga, aerobics, dance, gym, etc.

Now let us get back to our myth number 2. The fact is that exercising is a must for every human being. The form and manner of exercise do not matters. When it comes to a gym, you can join a gym without any hesitation because you may quit the gym anytime you want but there is one condition.

You may quit the gym but you will have to adopt a different exercise regime to keep your body fit and healthy. It could be yoga, aerobics, or anything else that you are comfortable with. So, the fact is that quitting the gym will not deteriorate your body but quitting physical training altogether will.

Myth 3

Going to a gym is expensive as it requires a lot of investment in diet and protein powder.


When your body works out extensively, you need to include certain nutrients and minerals to help your body cope up with such physical training. However, you can gain most of these nutrients and proteins by just including the right kind of food in your diet.

As far as the myth is concerned, let us debunk them one by one:

  • People who wish to build their muscles usually require high amounts of proteins. You will have to spend money on protein powder if you do not eat the right food. The right food involves a proper diet that includes all the necessary minerals and nutrients as per your BMI. There are a lot of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options to provide you the daily dose of protein.
  • Secondly, not all gym memberships are as expensive as you think. Sometimes, you may even get huge discounts.
  • Thirdly, your diet will not be expensive at all. In fact, once you join a gym, you will be able to save a lot of money spent on cooking oils.

There are many such myths revolving around our country. However, it is time to break free from all of them. Don’t you wish to see your body in better shape? Don’t you want to become more fit and active? There is no better and easier option than joining a gym.

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