The Problems Affecting Your Performance During an Interview and How To Get Over Them

The Problems Affecting Your Performance During an Interview and How To Get Over Them

An interview is a very crucial time for every job applicant. A successful interview could bring many changes in the life of any person. The success basically depends on your performance during those few minutes. However, it is noticed that even capable candidates with lots of knowledge and ability fail to perform during those few minutes.

According to research, there could be a number of reasons behind poor performances during an interview. The most common reasons are:

  • Anxiety
  • Under-confidence
  • Inferiority complex
  • Shabby appearance
  • Poor Knowledge
  • Clumsiness

Anxiety during an interview is nothing but the fear of the outcome. This often leads to stress, sweaty palms, a state of total forgetfulness, etc. Under such conditions, people are unable to answer even the most obvious questions.

Under-confidence makes you feel negative about yourself. A confident person with little knowledge is more likely to crack an interview than the one who lacks it. When you are underconfident, you doubt everything including your attire, looks, knowledge, degrees, etc. Everything starts bothering so much that you start worrying about it and forget about your performance. In such conditions, your interview could get ruined.

Inferiority complex occurs when you reach the office premises and everything overwhelms you so much that you start thinking that you are a misfit. This kills your confidence and numbs your mind. You lose the ability to think logically and speak properly. You might even stammer while answering questions.

Shabby or improper appearance is also one of the main reasons that many people are rejected during interviews. It is often said that people judge you by the clothes you wear. This saying stands rigid in case of job interviews.

Poor Knowledge could be another main reason that results in a failure during your evaluation for the job. If you will not prepare properly before the big day, you will not be able to answer the questions. The interviewers will be bound to reject your application just because you did not prepare well.

Clumsiness is another factor that could be triggered by a lack of confidence or poor preparation. In this case, people feel so numb that they end up falling or dropping things while the interviewers are watching.

These are the problems that many of the job applicants face these days. Let us have a look at the possible solutions to these problems:

Kick Anxiety Out of Your System

There are certain ways to deal with anxiety. Some people get rid of anxiousness by singing a song while others get rid of it by eating. Some people take control through drinking alcohol while others could do it with plain water. Find out what works for you and what does not. There is no specific solution to this problem. Try different things and find out a solution for yourself. If you have a recurrent anxiety issue, consult a doctor as soon as you could.

Increase Confidence with These Tips

Confidence is not a pill that you could swallow to become confident. You have to work gradually to increase the confidence level. Start by meditating a few minutes every day. Meditation calms your mind and increases practical and straight thinking. Apart from this, interacting more with people boosts confidence like nothing else. Share your thoughts and ideas with others. The reaction of others and fearless speaking will rapidly increase your confidence.

Start Valuing Yourself

Whenever you feel inferiority complex, just remember all that you have achieved at such a young age. Remember what you have gone through to accomplish all these things. Also, keep in mind that you have all your life to achieve everything that is around you.

Work on Your Appearance

Your appearance matters. To improve your appearance, you have to pay more attention to personal grooming and attire. Choose clothes that are professional and always maintain a professionally acceptable look. Do not forget about the shoes.

Prepare for the Interview

Prepare for the interview in advance. Try to do a detailed study of all the things related to your job profile. Stay updated about the current changes in your industry and other aspects associated with it. Reading about current affairs is also important.

Stay Focussed

Clumsiness will reduce gradually as your confidence increases. However, to reduce clumsiness in a short span of time, you should remain focussed and attentive. Your focus helps you to do things more easily and attentiveness stops accidents. Meditation will also help to reduce clumsiness.

These were some of the basic issues faced by job applicants and their solutions. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you. All the best for your interview!

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