These Tricks Will Come in Handy While Applying Liquid Foundation

These Tricks Will Come in Handy While Applying Liquid Foundation

We apply all foundations as a makeup base. However, there are many types of foundations available in the market. Including powder foundation to liquid foundation. Every woman applies foundation according to her skin type. By the way, each type of foundation has its own way of applying it and if it is applied properly, then only you get a flawless look.

As far as liquid foundation is concerned, it is relatively easy to apply. So, if you are a newcomer, then applying liquid foundation is definitely considered a better option. Similarly, if you have oily skin, you can opt for a light liquid foundation. If you opt for an oil-absorbing liquid foundation, not only does it give your skin a matte look, but it also helps to cover discolorations and scars.

However, you get a perfect look of liquid foundation only if you apply it properly. So today in this article, we are telling you about some easy tricks to apply liquid foundation, which will surely be very useful for you too-

1. Take Some Time to Repair the Skin

It is true that applying liquid foundation is definitely very easy and quick. But if you want a smoother look than that, then before that you should take some time to prepare the skin. So that later the result is also good. For this, you first clean your skin and then apply moisturizer or hydrating serum that. Now, wait for about two to three minutes. Then apply primer to your face and let the primer dry for a minute or two before applying foundation.

2. Get a Flawless Look With the Right Tools

In this way, liquid foundation can be easily applied on the skin from fingers to sponges and foundation brushes. But in all these three methods, you get a different look. In fact, the best tool for applying liquid foundation is considered to be a foundation brush. However, you must ensure that it is a synthetic fiber foundation brush. It smooths out the base without leaving behind any lines or spots. On the other hand, if you are using a sponge, apply it lightly and avoid applying liquid foundation with your fingers as far as possible.

3. If You Need Extra Foundation

Sometimes it happens that when you apply foundation, it seems too much. In this situation, most of the women clean their faces and start applying makeup again. However, you don’t need to do this. Just use your stipple brush. This will help blend the excess foundation on your skin, giving you a smooth base.

4. Make Foundation Long Lasting

Often liquid foundation gets washed away quickly or your look gets spoiled shortly after applying foundation due to high humidity. In such a situation, take the help of this trick. All you have to do is, after you have applied the foundation, take a tissue or blotting paper and then put it on your face and press lightly. By doing this, the excess oil present in the liquid foundation will come onto the tissue and at the same time, the product will also seal on your skin very easily.

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