Things To Check Before You Sell Your Bike Online

Things To Check Before You Sell Your Bike Online

A bike is the most treasured gem in the life of a man and if it is the first bike then surely there are a lot of memories that are attached to it. There comes a time in life, when we have to part away from a beloved ride due to various reasons. If you are planning to sell your bike, here are some tips that you can refer to in order to get a good deal.

So, let’s begin!

Tips on How To Sell Your Bike

Bike Portfolio

In India, the more showoff you can do the higher value you can squeeze out of the deal. Call your photographer friend cause you will need at least 5 to 6 high-quality photographs of your bike. Make sure you clean and polish it before doing the same. Repair minor damages if possible, it should look like it’s just rolled out of the showroom because there is nothing better to convince a buyer than a good photograph.

Replace Tyres (if needed)

Bald tires mean less final price. If you are given a choice between getting the bike serviced before the deal or getting a new set of rubbers then go for the latter. Because your service overdue is not visible but your set of tires are. Good tires always make good impressions and will help you get the best value for sure.

Collect Old Service Records

If you have all the service records maintained, the chances are you are more likely to get the best value for the bike. The history of service records gives an assurance to the buyer that he is investing the money in a bike that is very nicely maintained and is more reliable. If your bike has a minor accidental history, it’s not important to mention the same in front of the buyer, as long as there is nothing pending repairs on the bike.

Sell the Mods separately

All the modifications done on the bike doesn’t add any value to most of the buyers. If you have a 60K exhaust on the motorcycle that really won’t help in getting a higher price, as not all the buyers are looking for modified models. The best you can do is remove all the upgrades and make the bike stock, and then sell everything separately.

Make your Ad Stand Apart

Since by now you have all the paperwork ready, you have repaired your bike, and also got the portfolio ready its time to post the best online advertisement. Since you already have good pictures your ad is bound to get the most views, but that’s not enough. Make sure you give a short, sharp, and catchy headline to your advertisement.

Intelligent Pricing

The most critical thing when it comes to dealing with second-hand bikes or cars is the price point. So what is intelligent pricing and how to set it?

  • Do a survey of the same bike model as yours that have been enlisted on the different used bikes websites.
  • Choose a slightly higher but reasonable price and mark ‘negotiable’ on the headline of the advertisement.
  • Since you have tagged the ad as negotiable, this will attract more potential buyers.

Where To Sell?

OVX India is one of India’s Largest Online Marketplace which you can access from anywhere in India. Just Log on to OVX India and click on Post Advertisement. Fill out an Eye-catching title of the Ad & choose out the category as Bike. Then, proceed to further details as asked in the form. After filling out all the details submit your application. It’s that simple. Use OVX India to Sell Your Bike Today!

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